Fine Arts-Studio Art pathway (AA)

Fine Arts – Studio Art, AA & Certificate

The Fine Arts AA Degree prepares students to transfer to a university B.A., B.F.A. or Bachelors of Teaching in the Arts degree program. Those seeking Art History or Museum Studies as majors may need additional foreign language courses.

Program Information

The Visual, Fine & Performing Arts Department at Central Arizona College offers an Associates of Arts in Fine Art. The program in studio art offers a robust variety of art and art history classes and prepares students for transfer to university level and professional work. Central Arizona College goes beyond the fundamentals of art education by offering a wide assortment of courses including ceramics, two and three dimensional design, painting, metal work, and jewelry design. The majority of the courses offered in the Studio Arts department fulfill AGEC requirements and transfer to all Arizona Universities. Our faculty includes several nationally recognized artists.

Where will a Studio Art degree take you?

The Fine Arts A.A. degree helps students lay a foundation of required skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors that will aid them in moving on to achieving their B.A., B.F.A. or a Bachelors of Teaching in the Arts degree program. Once you have graduated with your degree you will be well prepared to enter the workforce equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for a variety of job opportunities. You may find yourself working as a commercial arts gallery manager, community arts worker, exhibition designer, a fine artist, higher education lecturer, art therapist, stylist, or secondary teacher, to name a few.