Library Policies

Library Policies

Library Bill of Rights
The Central Arizona College Libraries support the principles of the Library Bill of Rights, including the concepts of academic freedom and availability of information.

Borrower Eligibility
Registered full or part-time students, all faculty, and staff use their Central Arizona College ID as their library card.

Pinal County residents not affiliated with CAC are eligible to fill out an application for a valid CAC Library card that can be used at all five CAC campus libraries. To register you must be at least 18 years of age and provide a current, state-issued photo ID with your current Pinal County Address.

Loan Period
Materials borrowed from the library must be returned or renewed by the due date. Items can be renewed up to four times.

  • Books are checked out for a period of three weeks. DVDs circulate for 10 days. Reserve item circulation time varies, but is typically 3 hours. Most reserve items can only be used in the library.
  • Reference material and the most current issue of journals and magazines do not circulate.
  • Older issues of journals and magazine may be checked out.

Number of Items Allowed

CAC Students, Staff, Faculty and Pinal County Community Borrowers are allowed to have up to 20 items checked out at one time.

Requesting Material

Registered students, both full and part-time faculty, and staff borrowers are eligible to request library materials from all CAC Library branches as well as all Pinal County Public Libraries. If any material is unavailable from those sites, CAC users may request it from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan.  General public users can consult their local public library branch to see if ILL is available.

Charges and Refunds
The borrower is responsible for fees of items declared lost, missing, damaged or overdue. Registration for the next semester may be held up until these fees are paid. Questions regarding fees can sent to

  • An overdue fine of $.10/day/book will be assessed to the borrower starting the day after the due date, up to a maximum $5.00 fee. For reserve items, there is no set maximum fine.
  • Items which are long overdue will be considered lost, and the full replacement cost will be billed to the borrower.  Replacement costs will also be charged for items that are so damaged that they cannot be returned to the library collection.
  • If items that are declared lost are returned within a reasonable period of time, then the library will refund the replacement fee charged, although overdue fines will still be applied.

Periodical databases and eBooks are available to all library patrons when accessed at one of the CAC Campus or Center locations. Off-campus access is available through Blackboard for the following groups only:

  • Current CAC staff.
  • Current CAC adjunct and full-time faculty.
  • Current CAC students.

Wireless Access
Wireless access is available in the library at all CAC campuses.

Library Use
We ask patrons not to be disruptive in the library facilities and respect the rights of others to have a pleasant, clean study environment.  Disruptive patrons may be asked to leave.

Computer Use and Wireless Access
Class-related use of the library computers takes priority over other use. Those not using a computer for class purposes may be asked to make that computer available to another student for study purposes.

Please remember that the library follows Central Arizona College’s Computer and Network Use Policy.

Media Use
Please keep in mind that while some of our viewable media (including DVDs) has public performance rights, much of it does not.  If you have any questions regarding showing a film to a group, please contact the library.   Faculty and staff may wish to refer to Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians from the United States Copyright Office which also has useful information regarding the use of copyrighted material in the educational setting.

Online Resource Usage Policy
All CAC Library online resources are licensed for academic use only and are subject to the CAC Computer Use Agreement.  These resources include, but are not limited to: online journals, magazines, and newspapers, eBooks, streaming video, and image databases*.  These resources are made available through negotiated contracts with the publishers and providers, and users are subject to all applicable copyright laws and license agreements.

Off campus access to these resources is only available to current students, faculty and staff via the CAC Library Resources page on the user’s Blackboard account.  Remote access is not available to: relatives of students/faculty/staff, alumni, former students or the general public.  However, on-campus access to the library online resources is available to the general public as long as resources are accessed within the library building.

Users can be held responsible for violations of usage agreements or copyright laws and can also be held responsible for any violations of the CAC student and employee computer policies and agreements.  This includes but is not limited to the copying, duplication, installation, electronically forwarding, distribution or usage of works in a manner that infringes on the rights of the copyright holders.  Any misconduct or infringements in the use of these online resources can involve user’s loss of database privileges and will be subject to referral to college and other appropriate authorities for further action.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these agreements and policies, please contact the library.

For further information regarding Fair Use and copyright, please also see the following documents:

Copyright Law of the United States
Digital Millennium Copyright Act

*Please note that government documents made available through the Government Printing Office are not limited in access.