Areas of Interest

Where do I start?

  1.  Not sure? Take the MyMajors Assessment and discover the Areas of Interest and specific degrees or certificates that align with your interests.
  2.  Review the NINE Areas of Interest below and pick one that aligns with your interests, where you feel comfortable or have done well.
  3.  Select a degree or certificate from the Areas of Interest to follow and review the requirements.
  4.  Work with your advisor to follow and adjust the map to meet your specific career and/or transfer goals.

CAC’s commonly used terms:

Area of Interest – is a grouping of certificates, degrees, and pathways within a discipline.
Degree – a two-year qualification.

  • The AA (Associate of Arts), AS (Associate of Science), and ABUS (Associate of Business) are transferrable to a four-year institution.
  • The AAS degree (Associate of Applied Science) prepares students to enter the workforce.

Certificate – typically one to two-semester course of study (qualification) that may lead to entry into the workforce or fulfills a portion of a degree.

Pathway – a focused area of study (like a major).