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Dean of Students

The Dean of Students office is responsible for maintaining the well-being of CAC within the boundaries of student behavior on- and off-campus. CAC requires students to follow a code of conduct that emphasizes important values for both the campus community and the workplace.

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If a student is found responsible for violating the Code or Residence Hall Rules and has been evicted from the Residence Halls or removed from campus, the student has a right to an appeal hearing. The members of the hearing assists the college as well as Residence Life to maintain a healthy academic community. The board consists of three students, three faculty and one support staff, who are given the authority to review the case and determine if the prior decision was accurate and/or decide if the sanctions assigned were appropriate. The Dean of Students Office entrust these students to carefully deliberate over issues of responsibility and to make sanctioning recommendations based upon their findings. These recommendations can range from, probation to eviction to suspension or expulsion from the college. If you are interested in serving on a board, please contact our office at (520) 494-5341.

Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct (the Code) sets forth standards that are expected of all students and is developed as a means of implementing fair and consistent standards of student conduct. The code outlines students’ rights and responsibilities and the College’s expectations with respect thereto. Every student is expected to be aware of the obligations and responsibilities imposed by the Code and comply with it.

Please view the Code in the Student Handbook.

If you would like to notify campus officials of a student issue or conduct concern, please use the Incident Reporting Form.

Prevention & Education Programming

The Dean of Students Office serves as the clearinghouse for prevention and education programming. We work with a variety of offices across campus and across the district to ensure our students and employees are aware of pertinent information regarding health, safety and civic obligations. If you need any information on what Central Arizona College offers for any of the following observances and/or federally regulated programs, please contact us.

Constitution Day
Drug Free Schools & Campuses (Alcohol & Other Drugs)
Title IX/Violence Against Women Act
Voter Registration

Public Forums & Petitions

Central Arizona College recognizes its duty in fostering an environment where students, employees, and the public can exercise their rights of free expression. Individuals wishing to hold rallies, collect signatures for petitions, and host independent voter registration drives should contact the Dean of Students Office in advance so we may be able to assist you in securing space. Please use the appropriate request forms to schedule your event and view specific guidelines.

Free Speech/Public Forum Request
Petitioner & Voter Registration Permit

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions about student conduct related to the College, do not hesitate to email us at DeanOfStudents@centralaz.edu.

David Leenhouts

Dean of Student Development

Rhonda Maneely

Secretary, Administrative Support

Ms. Maneely is the administrative support for both the Dean of Student Life and Dean of Enrollment Services. Rhonda maintains all of the student conduct files and processes student background requests. She is able to assist students and others with a variety of tasks, including scheduling conduct meetings, leaving messages for the Dean, approving flyers for posting, and obtaining visitor badges. Rhonda also provides notary services for the campus community and visitors.