Clubs & Organizations

Welcome to the Clubs and Organizations page of Central Arizona College.  There are a variety of opportunities to be involved in leadership, social, service, religious, educational, ethnic, and cultural clubs and organizations.  Please note that all clubs are not available at each campus.

For specific information regarding a club please contact

Office of Student Engagement & Activities

Director of Student Engagement

Travares Peterson
Phone:  (520) 494-5095

2022-23 Organization Registration Form [PDF]
2022-23 Advisor Agreement Form [PDF]
CAC Constitution Template [PDF]
CAC Constitution Template [docx]

Recognized Clubs/Organizations 2022-23 & Campus Locations

Christian Challenge (Signal Peak/Maricopa)
Mise En Place at CAC – San Tan (San Tan)
National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) (Invitation-Only; District-wide)
Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society (PTK) (Invitation-Only; District-wide)
Campus Rainbow Coalition (District-wide)
Vaqueros for Troops (District-wide)

How to Start a NEW Student Organization

Creating a new student organization is an excellent way to develop leadership skills and provide your fellow Vaqueros with a way to get involved at CAC! Student Organizations help build community and create learning for students outside of the classroom. New Student Organizations are welcome to register at any point during the school year. There is no fee associated with registering a new student organization. If there are any questions on the requirements or steps involved in starting a new organization, please contact our Director of Student Engagement, Travares Peterson,

Where to start?

  1. Find 2 friends (or more) that are all CAC students interested in the registered student organization (RSO)
  2. Have all your members (or at least the officers) complete RSO Orientation (coming Fall 2022)
    1. Our team will send out notifications on how to get registered when the time comes.
  3. Search for an advisor. This can be any faculty or staff member at CAC. The minimum is one, but organizations can have multiple. You will need their support and CAC e-mail.
  4. Start working on your constitution. Details are below.

The minimum requirements to start a NEW student organization are:

  • A minimum of (3) three active members who are current CAC students
    • A minimum of three organization officers (President, Treasurer & Secretary or Vice President)
    • These officers can be the same as the three members but you must have all 3 officers
  • At least one faculty or staff advisor who is a full-time employee at CAC
  • Student Organization Constitution that is compliant with all required guidelines.
    • A constitution guideline and checklist are available to guide you
      • If you would like your constitution reviewed prior to submitting your application, please email it to us at with the subject line “Constitution Review – [RSO Name].”

Prior to registering a new organization you will need to have a 30-min meeting with the Director of Student Engagement to go over your organization’s
purpose, mission, and requirements to become a recognized organization at CAC.

Contact Information:

Travares Peterson
Phone:  520.494.5095

Submit the following information:

In order to keep its registration status current, each club or organization will submit an Organization Registration Form annually.
Included with the form should be:

  • Advisor Agreement Form
  • A sample budget (including projected fundraising projects).
  • A proposed calendar of events for the academic year.
  • The organizations constitution.

The Organization Registration Form, Advisor Agreement Form, and Organization Constitution templates are linked and available above.

In addition, the club’s constitution must be reviewed and updated every two years.
Please submit these items to the Office of Student Engagement no later than September 24th.

Any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to reach out to the Director of Student Engagement.

Contact Information:

Travares Peterson
phone: 520.494.5095

In order to keep its registration status current, each club or organization shall submit a Club Registration Form annually.  All clubs must include a sample budget (including projected fundraising projects), a proposed calendar of events for the academic year along with the Club Registration Form.  In addition, the club’s bylaws must be reviewed and updated every two years.  The registration form, sample budget, events calendar, and constitution must be submitted to the Office of Student Engagement & Activities no later than the end of the fourth full week of each semester.

The Christian Challenge club is a joint venture between Central Arizona College and the Baptist churches of the Southern Baptist Convention and is part of the Baptists Collegiate Ministries.  The BCM is a nationally recognized program having a large student involvement and the longest history of Christian student groups.

The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is the largest leadership honor society in the United States. Our NSLS chapter at Central Arizona College was started in 2018. Our local chapter is part of the national organization with 700+ chapters and over 1.4 million members.
Students are selected based on exemplary academic achievement and leadership potential. As of 2021 we have 572 members who have access to:

The NSLS five step leadership program teaches the interpersonal skills that employers seek to give you an edge in the job market. Hear directly from current members as they share how their experience has changed their life.
If you become a member, some of the other benefits are:

  • Learn from exceptional leaders like former President Barack Obama during exclusive Speaker Broadcasts.
  • Meet new friends and make lifelong connections (on-campus and virtually).
  • Overcome challenges with success coaches short cutting your way to success.
  • Access to private networking events.

Visit the NSLS website to learn more about and accept your nomination.

The Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society (PTK) provides an opportunity to develop leadership and service, lively fellowship for scholars, and the stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.  Membership in this club is a privilege earned by qualifications, honor, and service.

We are a community organization here to provide a safe space and source of community for LGBTQ+ students and allies. We are here to be whatever the queer students on campus need us to be– whether that be a social group, advocacy group, support group, etc.– we’re here to do it all.

You can join by emailing or by filling out this form.

Vaquero’s for Troops is a brand new CAC Club. The club’s primary mission is to provide military care packages to loved ones deployed, stateside or overseas. We’re looking for students who have a passion for serving. We will package boxes to send out to men and women actively serving in USMC, USAF, NAVY, ARMY, COAST GUARD. If you have a family member, friend or loved one who you would like to send them to, that is what this club is for. We will also include a hand written note of encouragement.

We need students for many positions:


If interested, please contact me through email: