Adult Education HSE/ESOL

Welcome to Central Arizona College’s Adult Education program!

CAC’s Adult Education program is proud to play a part in contributing to students’ personal empowerment and self-sufficiency by assisting adults in gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully transition into continued education and/or employment opportunities.

Every year we help hundreds of students

Every year we help hundreds of students just like you pass the GED™ tests and improve their English language skills. Whether you are a teenager, a grandparent, a working mom, a single dad, or are looking to make a career change, we are here to help you!

Central Arizona College is a proud partner of ARIZONA@WORK Pinal County


Obtaining a GED™ is one of the most important decisions a person can ever make for themselves and their career. Getting a GED™ will be life changing! It can give somebody a sense of accomplishment, open doors to better jobs and higher wages, or be someone’s first step in continuing their education.

CAC’s Adult Education program offers a flexible program that meets the diverse needs of students and advances their goals in achieving their High School Equivalency Diploma and transitioning to post-secondary and/or career opportunities.