Deans and Division Chair Directories

Academic Deans

Dean of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Tina Berry

Dr. Tina Berry
Dean of Nursing, Allied Health, and Skilled Trades

Dr. Suzonne Crockett, Ed.D.
Dean of Equity & Innovation


Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences & Education
Academic Dean: VACANT
Academics Support Services Coordinator: Marcia Iselin 520-494-5227 SPC O213
Education Division
District Lead Faculty of Education: Cara Steiner 520-494-5035 SPC T105
Instructional Specialist, Education: Nicole Haldeman 520-494-5478 SPC T101
Director/Faculty of Early Childhood Education: Chris Emlet 480-677-7790 SMC A102
Early Childhood Education/Education Program Assistant: VACANT 520-494-5257 SPC O100
Early Childhood Education Director of Grants Initiatives: Barbara Milner 480-677-7768 SMC A103
Early Childhood Education Instructional Specialist: Dixie Harvey 520-494-5001 SPC O100D
Professor of Early Childhood Education: Vacant 520-357-2828 AVC A107
Programs: (ECE) Early Childhood Education, (EDU) Education
Literary Arts & Languages Division
Division Chair & Professor of English: Karen Hindhede 520-494-5074 SPC L112A
Division Assistant: Michelle Gomez 520-494-5380 SPC L112/T201
Lead Professor of English: Shelley Decker 520-494-5393 SPC L108
Lead Professor of Reading: Skyla Teel 520-494-5378 SPC O117
Professor of English: Heather Moulton 520-494-5384 SPC O119
Professor of English: Jennifer Petrey 520-494-5385 SPC L106
Professor of English: Kinsey McKinney 520-357-2827 AVC A109
Professor of English: Kolette Draegan 520-494-5316 SPC O124
Professor of English: Lynn Gelfand 520-494-6427 MAR B118H
Professor of English: Maria Eastin 520-494-5056 SPC L105
Professor of English: Mark Silvia 480-677-7827 STC D112
Professor of English: Tatiana Keeling 520-494-5462 SPC O120
Professor of English: Tenie Zarifian 520-494-5571 SPC L109
Professor of English: Tim Hohmann 480-677-7725 SMC F123
Professor of Reading & Humanities: Alyson Hanson 480-677-7765 SMC F124
Professor of Reading & English: Mary Kieser 520-494-5337 SPC O116
Professor of Spanish: John Prevost 520-494-5386 SPC O118
Professor of Spanish: Michael Owens 520-494-5381 SPC L110
Programs: (ENG) English, (HMC) Humanities, (LIT) Literature, (RDG) Reading, (SLG) Sign Language, (SPA) Spanish
Social & Behavioral Sciences Division
Division Chair & Professor of Communications: Michelle Young 520-494-5063 SPC T109
Division Assistant: Margie Bacon 520-494-5368 SPC S230
Lead Professor of History: Joe Faykosh 480-677-7706 SMC F125
Professor of History & Political Science: VACANT 520-494-5372 SPC T219
Professor of Administration of Justice: John Foust 520-494-5374 SPC T218
Professor of Sociology: Derrick Span 480-677-7868 STC D115
Professor of Communications: Ruth Butler 520-494-6408 MAR B118F
Professor of Communications: Sandra Rath 480-677-7836 STC D117
Professor of Psychology: VACANT
Professor of Psychology: Elizabeth Baroi 520-494-5376 SPC T217
Professor of Sociology: Dawn Conley 520-494-5377 SPC T100
Programs: (AJS) Administration of Justice, (ARH) Archaeology, (ASB) Anthropology, (COM) Communications, (CPD) Counseling/Personal Dev, (GEO) Geography: Cultural, (HIS) History, (HMS) Humanities: Social/Behavioral, (IDS) Interdisciplinary Studies, (PHI) Philosophy, (POS) Political Science, (PSY) Psychology, (SOC) Sociology, (SWU) Social Work Undergrad, (WGS) Women & Gender Studies
Visual & Performing Arts Division
Division Chair & Professor of Digital Media Arts: Sue Tatterson 520-494-5049 SPC T107
Division Assistant: Connie Grijalva 520-494-5344 SPC P157
Lead Professor of Entertainment Industry Technology: Dan Bush 520-494-5203 SPC P155
Professor of Art: Sarah McLaughlin 520-494-5084 SPC N101
Professor of Music History & Literature, Music History & Literature, Music Performance: Stacey Seaman 520-494-5399 SPC P154
Programs: (ART) Art, (DMA) Digital Media Arts, (EIT) Entertainment Industry Technology, (MHL) Music History & Literature, (MTC) Music History & Literature, (MUP) Music Performance, (THE) Theater
Lead Faculty PTK: Sandra Rath 480-677-7836 STC D117
Lead Faculty Honors: VACANT
Division Assistant: Michelle Gomez 520-494-5380 SPC L112
Programs: HNR (Honors)