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Central Arizona College’s High School Programs

Central Arizona College’s High School Programs give students a jump-start on preparing for their futures. Our programs allow academically prepared & eligible students the ability to earn college credits while still in high school, saving time and money. 


    To enroll in CAC’s High School Programs, students must complete the CAC Admissions Form AND High School Programs Registration Form below.
    Please note that the High School Programs Registration Form requires an electronic signature from the student as well as the high school counselor/authorized representative. 

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High School Program Success Guide:

High School Programs Success Guide 2023

Early College Scholarship

The Early College Scholarship provides financial assistance to Pinal County junior and senior (11th & 12th grade) high school students who wish to get an early start in college.  Students who enroll in High School Programs may receive a tuition waiver covering up to six (6) credits of in-state tuition per semester (fall/spring/summer semesters are eligible).

Students are responsible for the costs of books, class materials and transportation, should the course take place on a CAC campus.  The Early College Scholarship tuition waiver may only be used for CAC courses at or above 100 level.

It is the responsibility of the student to verify high school course credit eligibility with a guidance counselor prior to enrollment in a college course.

Who can participate in CAC’s High School Programs?

Any high school student* may take courses at Central Arizona College.  Interested students must complete a CAC Admission Form and a High School Programs Registration Form which requires an electronic signature from the student and a high school counselor or authorized representative.

*If you are not yet a high school student and wish to take classes, please complete the special admit process by contacting cristina.delcid@centralaz.edu to schedule an appointment.

What are the eligibility requirements of the Early College Scholarship?

To qualify for the Early College Scholarship, students must be a Pinal County resident, attend a high school within Pinal County, maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher and be enrolled in 11th or 12th grade.

The first semester a student will be eligible for Early College funding is the summer term prior to starting 11th grade at their high school (after successfully completing 10th grade).

What is dual enrollment vs concurrent enrollment?

CAC High School Programs refers to any course taken by a current high school student.  Previously, these courses were defined as dual enrollment (courses held at the high school and taught by a high school instructor) or concurrent enrollment (courses held at a CAC campus or online and taught by a CAC instructor).

Students and Parents, please contact your high school guidance counselors for more information on Central Arizona College’s High School Programs. If you have Admission or technical questions, please contact CAC’s Central Helpdesk at (520) 494-5111 or Centralhelpdesk@Centralaz.edu.

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