Promise – 25 Changes Lives

Building the Promise Legacy

Pinal Promise logo

♦  A 20-year partnership of CAC, CAC Foundation and Pinal County School Districts

♦  An educational initiative supporting Pinal County students to stay in high school and graduate

♦  A Promise of 2-years of in-state tuition to Central Arizona College

Together we can make higher education a reality for Pinal County students through our commitment for the Pinal Promise.

Our Goal – The Promise Legacy

Our goal is to increase the Promise endowment fund to sustain the Promise program for future generations of Pinal County students. Promise is a program which has been rewarding hardworking students with scholarships to ensure a tuition-free education at Central Arizona College for over twenty years.

How You Can Help – $25 Goes A Long Way

Make your commitment today with a donation of $25 or more. Your contribution to the Promise Legacy will make college a reality for Pinal County students and support their future success.

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