Hugo Steincamp, Director of Resource Development

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The Grants Office identifies and obtains funding to enrich, strengthen, and improve the programs that CAC offers to our diverse communities. The Grants Office assists CAC administration, faculty, and staff with finding funding, developing proposals, and reporting functions.


Grants Resource Center

  • Maintain a list of possible grant resources and opportunities
  • Maintain sample copies of grant proposals for review
  • Maintain copies of all submitted grant applications
  • Maintain a file of information pertaining to federal and state regulations for grant submission and compliance
  • Provide Grant Proposal Approval Guidelines
  • Provide assistance in grant writing when time and work load allow

Grants Clearinghouse

  • Provide and review completed pre-proposal forms for grant seekers
  • Forward all completed pre-proposal forms to the Grants Initiative Committee and Cabinet for review and authorization
  • Review application components to ensure compliance with the CAC’s Strategic Goals
  • Ensure that the proper signatures and contacts are on the grant applications and submitted reports

Monitoring and Guidance

  • Meet with grant project coordinators to ascertain grant project progress/needs
  • Track the submission of reports to funding agencies
  • Maintain copies of reports sent to funding agencies