Mission Statement

TRIO Student Support Services at Central Arizona College seeks to empower students to persist, graduate, and transfer to university while overcoming class, social, and cultural barriers to higher education.

TRIO students receive services such as personalized and individual advising, faculty and peer mentors, cultural excursions, TRIO exclusive math, reading, and writing tutoring, and much more.

Students are eligible for TRIO Student Support Services if they meet at least ONE of the following qualifications:

First-Generation College Student – Neither parent (or guardian) completed a four-year college degree before your 18th birthday.

Low-Income – You qualify under federal financial guidelines.

You have a documented disability.

Applicants must also intend to transfer to a four-year university to qualify for TRIO services.

To apply for TRIO please download the application and return to the TRIO desk (T Sheldon Building, room T204) or scan and email to

TRIO Student Support Services and all TRIO services, activities, and grant aid are funded by a grant in the amount of $231,103 from the United States Department of Education.

Content on this page is provided by TRIO:

TRIO SSS Application

Summer Bridge 2018 Application

Peer Mentor Application

2019 Peer Mentor Application

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Student Travel Packet

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The Peer Mentor program is an opportunity for second-year students to provide support to students that participate in Summer Bridge. Mentors receive extensive training, a generous stipend, and share their invaluable expertise with first-semester students. Mentors are selected through an application, interview, and recommendation process.

To apply for a position you must:

Be a United States citizen or eligible for Federal financial aid:

Have a minimum 2.5 cumulative G.P.A. at the time of application and through your contract time

Be a full-time student

Participate in Peer Mentor training dates during the spring semester

Participate in Summer Bridge Training (residential training at CAC immediately prior to Summer Bridge)

Live on campus during Summer Bridge Training and Summer Bridge Week

Mentor assigned students throughout Summer Bridge Week and the fall semester

Peer Mentors should be outgoing, helpful, courteous, energetic, respectful individuals with a desire to assist incoming freshmen.

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Mentor print out the Peer Mentor application below or come to the TRIO office, T204, in the T Building to complete an application.

For more information:

Gail Nettles, M.S.
TRIO Project Director
Office: Signal Peak Campus, T204

TRIO Office
Phone: 520-494-5007
Office: Signal Peak Campus, T204

TRIO Student Support Services at Central Arizona College has put together a list of resources for students to turn to when they need academic assistance immediately. These resources are not a substitute for actual tutoring, but might help when you need assistance on a particular topic or are struggling with math problems. The links do not work on the page but you may type them into a search engine to gain access.

Free educational resources to supplement your in-class instruction. Great for explanations on specific topics or themes you find challenging.

Khan Academy logo
Free lessons on thousands of topics in math, natural sciences, social sciences, history and humanities.

Fast and easy assistance in solving complex math problems.

A fun, socially interactive site to learn almost anything!

Open Study
Group study social learning network where you can interact online and ask questions in real time!


Free and open multimedia website for the study of art history.
Online repository of learning materials on many topics.

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