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CAC’s representative faculty body

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the representative body of all faculty at Central Arizona College. The purpose and function of the Central Arizona College Faculty Senate shall be to serve as the exclusive representative of the faculty to the college administration in academic and professional matters and policy development, share in the determination of the goals of the college and the fulfillment of these goals, and advise the College President on matters of importance to the college and faculty.

The Faculty Senate will promote communication, collaboration, and education among the faculty and between the faculty and other groups, promote the welfare of the entire faculty, represent the entire faculty and its academic and professional relations within the district, and advocate for and promote compliance by all faculty to the Declaration of Civility.

Furthermore, the Faculty Senate will develop, promote, and maintain the high standards, ideals, and values of teaching and education; advocate, promote, defend, pursue, and articulate all aspects of academic freedom; and provide an open forum for the free discussion of academic and professional issues.

Faculty Senate Officers


Peter Kotrodimos

Faculty Senate President

Office: Signal Peak Campus, N-115


Dr. Joe Faykosh

Faculty Senate Vice-President

Office: SMC F-125