Council of Student Advisors (C.S.A.)


The Council of Student Advisors (C.S.A.) is an opportunity for students to get together with our Dean of Student Development & Director of Student Engagement to share their experiences at CAC and how they would like to view their experiences moving forward. We provide them opportunities to grow as leaders, improve their decision-making, and provide the chance to have a voice that will promote change within their campus community.

Student Engagement

The C.S.A. promotes student engagement in the college experience by sponsoring activities, offering programs, developing leadership potential, and coordinating clubs and organizations all under the supervision of the Director of Student Engagement.

Advocating Student Interest

The C.S.A. serves about 5,500 students. They interact with administration during Executive Council meetings upon invitation. During this time, it advocates student interests that include housing, health & wellness, campus safety, and academics.

Council Leadership

The best part about C.S.A. is that the traditional leadership positions do not exist. We treat each student equally and each student’s opinion and voice are taken into consideration. The C.S.A. is overseen currently by the Director of Student Engagement.

Campus Membership

The C.S.A. is active at the Maricopa campus with the hope to have each campus of the college with a chapter.


 Upcoming information/interest meetings will be scheduled during the Fall semester. All meetings are open to the public.