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The Student Government Association of Central Arizona College (SGA) promotes student engagement in the college experience by sponsoring activities, offering programs, developing leadership potential, and coordinating clubs and organizations.  The association advocates student interests to the college administration and community at large.  The association is active at each campus of the college and serves about 5,500 students.

Association Leadership.  The association is led by thirteen students who are selected through an application and interview process.  The president and executive vice-president are district-wide officers.  There is a vice-president and a senator for each of the Aravaipa, Maricopa, San Tan, Signal Peak, and Superstition Mountain campuses.  There is also a vice-president and senator selected specifically to represent online students.  A full-time student engagement coordinator and part-time secretary provide advice, guidance, and support to the SGA.

Meetings.  Meetings are held twice a month and are conducted via teleconference or videoconference.  All meetings are open to the public.
Clubs and Organizations.  Each club or organization registers once per semester with the SGA.  Officially registered organizations are eligible to apply for funding.  See the Clubs and Organizations webpage for a listing of currently registered organizations and contact information for club officers.

Vaquero Lounge.  The Vaquero Lounge is located on the south side of the Signal Peak campus.  The lounge is open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  The lounge is a great place to study, to relax, or to play video games, darts, pool, or ping pong.  A microwave oven is available for student use.
Office.  The SGA office is located in the Vaquero Lounge.  The telephone number is (520) 494-5993.


Daniela Piceno, President,

Andrew Garcia, Executive Vice President,

Vickie Higgs, Advisor,, (520) 494-5995

Mark Ebert, Advisor,, (520) 494-5572

Signal Peak Campus

Andrew Garcia, Vice-President,

Evvie Pitts, Senator,

Vickie Higgs, Advisor,, (520) 494-5995

Mark Ebert, Advisor,, (520) 494-5572

Superstition Mountain Campus

Ben Smith, Vice-President,

Berenice Pelayo, Senator,

Shari Eddy, Advisor,, (480) 677-7732

San Tan Campus

Kaira Cortez, Vice-President,

Lindsey Martin, Senator,

Christina Shepherd, Advisor,, (480) 677-7853

Maricopa Campus

Daniela Piceno, President,

Kenya Payne, Vice-President,

Megan Purvis, Advisor,, (520) 494-6417

Aravaipa Campus

J. T. Alba, Vice-President,

Jade Barcelo-Willard, Senator,

Benny DeSantiago, Advisor,, (520) 357-2812

Online Campus

Jose Carrillo, Vice-President,


The purpose of the Student Government Association of Central Arizona College (SGA) is to create opportunities and to unite us all as one.  We are the voice of students, and together we should inspire confidence, encouragement, and involvement within our communities.  By serving Central Arizona College, SGA generates a positive and rewarding experience for all those who attend CAC.