Foundation Scholarships

The Wuertz family established the Fred and Eunice Wuertz endowment scholarship in 2005 to honor their parents. The scholarship supports the Promise for the Future program which encourages students to prepare for and pursue higher education at CAC. (pictured to the right, family members Joan & Wilbur Wuertz)

Wilbur& Joan Wuertz
Dick O'Brien

The Richard G. O’Brien Science Scholarship was established in memory and honor of Dick by his wife, Judy, and family 2016.The recipient must be a Casa Grande high school graduate and pursuing a degree or certificate in the science program. (pictured to the left, Allan Morton & Richard O’Brien, Harry Schmidt, in the foreground)

Endowed Scholarship Funds

Emma Boswell Memorial Scholarship
Michael J. Cepello Memorial Scholarship
Robert Cherepy Memorial Scholarship
A. Thomas Cole Art Scholarship
Coolidge Mounted Sheriff’s Posse Scholarship
Bob England Rodeo Scholarship
Great Women of CAC/Pinal County Scholarship
Arthur J. and Mary A. Faul Scholarship
Jo Ann Harter Memorial Scholarship
Winston Hoffman Drama Scholarship
Duane Irvin Scholarship
Richard J. and A. Myrtle Jones Memorial Scholarship
N. E. “Pete” and Josephine King Scholarship
Donovan Kramer Scholarship
Tom Kunz/Vaquero Foundation Endowment Scholarship
Lin L. Laursen Endowment Scholarship
Roberta Phillips Memorial Scholarship
C.A. & Nelle H. Pope Memorial scholarship
V.A.L.O.R. – Veterans And Loved Ones Relief
Darlene Unger Memorial Scholarship
Kathleen Van Cleft Indian Scholarship Fund

Promise for the Future Scholarship Endowed Fund

APS Foundation
ASML Trust Scholarship
Mickey A. and Louise Clark Scholarship
CORE Construction
Durrant Architects
Zhe “Joe” Fang Memorial Promise for the Future Scholarship
Gila River Indian Community
The Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation Scholarship
Promise Contributions (Title V)
Sodexo Scholarship
Stephen P. Terry Promise for the Future Scholarship
TransCanada Promise for the Future Scholarship Endowment
Fred and Eunice Wuertz Scholarship

Promise for the Future Scholarships

Alumni and Friends of Promise for the Future
Fire Chiefs Association of Pinal County Endowment
Isabel and Claude Gipson – Promise for the Future Scholarship Endowment
Pinal County University Foundation Scholarships
Sergeant Tate Lynch Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Scholarship Funds

Arizona Community Foundation
Arizona Nurses Foundation
Barnes and Noble Book Scholarship
Baseball Alumni Scholarship Fund
Judge Robert R. Bean Memorial Scholarship
Henry Brown Heavy Equipment Scholarship
College For Kids
John Deere Ag Tech Scholarship
John Deere Construction Forestry Tech Scholarship
Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology Program Scholarship
East Valley Mayors’ Prayer Breakfast Bookstore Scholarship-Superstition Mountain Campus Students
Zelda “Chris” Ferryman Scholarship
The George W. Fridell Scholarship
Dale and Lee Gibson Scholarship
Guy Gilbert Scholarship
Intel Scholarship
John J. Klein, Sr. and Anne Klein Memorial Scholarship Fund
James Lee Music Scholarship

Scholarship Funds

Lynn S. Long Memorial Scholarship
Clara Lovett University Foundation Scholarship
Tepi Maddock Scholarship
Neomia McDonald Nursing Scholarship
Dean Merrell Scholarship
Jeanette Miller Memorial Scholarship
Otto & Edna Neely Foundation
Richard G. O’Brien Science Scholarship
Paul Pearce Memorial Scholarship
Pinal County Federal Credit Union
Rodeo Scholarships
James T. and Mary Smardon O’Neil
Bert Slater Memorial Scholarship
John Slater Memorial Scholarship
Sodexo Culinary Scholarship
V.A.L.O.R. – Veterans and Love Ones Relief
Vivian C. Urton Nursing Scholarship
Ann Williams Memorial Scholarship

To receive a Central Arizona College Foundation Scholarship, the student must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA);
  • Pursue a degree or certificate; 
  • Coordinate with federal financial aid. The total of all awards may not exceed the student’s need as determined by the Financial Aid Office;
  • Enroll in a minimum of 6 credits per semester;
  • Earn and maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average;
  • Meet all other specific criteria as identified by each Foundation scholarship. This information can be reviewed on the CAC Financial Aid webpage.