The Importance of Enterprise Risk Management

CENTRAL ARIZONA COLLEGE (the DISTRITCT) through its leadership, administrators, faculty & staff are committed to fostering an environment of support that will encourage risk-informed decision-making balanced with innovation as we explore and develop opportunities, resolve issues, and improve the way we work to achieve our business objectives.  All employees should incorporate risk management into governance, decision making, and key business and operational processes as set out in this framework.  All existing and new risk management activities will align to this framework.

Governance Oversights, and Leadership:

The OFFICE OF ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT in collaboration with the working group is responsible for implementing ERM, which includes drafting policies and developing tools, resources, and training on ERM.  This group oversees the identification and assessment of risk to operations and strategy and the management and communication of risk information.  The working group is responsible for tracking overlapping risks, reporting on risks that are not being appropriately managed and monitoring for emerging risks.  The Working Group will meet at least quarterly.

Currently the ERM Working Group members is represented by the following CAC business units:

  • Director of Facilities
  • The Office of Student Services
  • Athletic Department
  • Academic Affairs
  • Information Technology
  • Business Finance
  • Police
  • Human Resources