The Learning Center

The Learning Center is a free instructional support service that provides tutoring and other resources to reinforce and supplement classroom instruction for all registered Central Arizona College (CAC) students. Students may use the Learning Centers to work on assignments, access the internet to gather information for courses, use the internet to register for courses, and/or access online courses. You will find highly qualified staff available to assist you at the Learning Centers. Please use the Internet responsibly, read the Internet Acceptable Use Policy before using computers.

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Tutoring Services

Free tutoring services are available to students by walk-in or appointment basis, and even though our principal focus is on providing writing, mathematics, and science support, services are available for a wide range of courses. Let us find a tutor for you.

Tutoring for most courses is available to students both in-person and through remote software at all Learning Center locations. Stay on your main campus and work with a tutor at another location. We can even provide tutoring through your at-home internet connection! The Learning Centers will make a sincere effort to provide resources to assist students in their academic endeavors, and remember, tutoring is free of charge!

To make an appointment, please call or come-by the Learning Center* located at one of the following campuses:

*Please note that operating hours will vary during breaks between traditional semesters. Call to confirm availability.

Testing Services

Academic Testing and Proctored Exams

Exam Partners

The Learning Centers perform academic and proctored exams. Use the link above to find more information about academic and proctored exams.

Placement Assessment (Testing) is performed by the college (not the Learning Center) to determine your placement into class levels for English, Math, and Reading. Use the link to go to Placement Assessment.