The Learning Center

The Learning Center is a free instructional support service that provides tutoring and other resources to reinforce and supplement classroom instruction for all registered Central Arizona College (CAC) students. Students may use the Learning Centers to work on assignments, access the internet to gather information for courses, use the internet to register for courses, and/or access online courses. You will find highly qualified staff available to assist you at the Learning Centers. Please use the Internet responsibly, read the Internet Acceptable Use Policy before using computers.

Faculty Forms and Resources

Vision:  The foremost choice for student support and tutoring excellence.

Mission:         Tutoring students to become transformative, self-directed learners
                              Reaching students via multiple modalities
                             Understanding the value and diversity of each learner
                             Empowering students through active learning

Tutoring Services

If you need help, go to Blackboard where you are already enrolled in Online Tutoring!

Live Synchronous Tutoring with or without an appointment

Monday through Thursday from 8 AM to 7 PM (subject to availability when classes are not in session). Other days and times may be available by appointment please check the schedule.

To access Online Tutoring:

  • Log into Blackboard.
  • Enter your Tutoring course.
  • To get to the virtual front desk to make a tutoring appointment click the Go to Talk to a Tutor link under Course Content.
  • Once you have an appointment, locate your tutor by name and click on that tutor to start your session.
  •  If you already have an appointment, navigate to and click on Ultra Tutor Rooms.
  • Locate your tutor by name and click on that tutor to start your session.

Do you need help with Writing? A specific Science or Math question?

 Asynchronous Online is available for Writing, Math and Science. Responses should be back to you within 48 hours of submission.

  • Log into Blackboard.
  • Enter your Tutoring course.
  • Scroll through the Course Content list and click on the desired module [Writing, Math or Science].
  • Papers, in-progress or completed, may be submitted to “Writing/Submit an Essay.”.
  • Questions may be asked of math and science tutors by clicking the subject link/Ask a Question.
    • Type the question in the comment box or,
    • Upload a document by clicking the attach button (paperclip).
  • Responses appear in your Gradebook.

Aravaipa campus

Monday-Thursday 9am – 6pm

(hours may vary, call to confirm)


Aravaipa Campus
80440 E. Aravaipa Rd, B-7
Winkelman, AZ 85192


Please visit us online in Blackboard


Phone: 520-357-2821


  • 30-minute or hour-long sessions (appointment, walk-in, or as a class presentation).
  • Completed at any CAC campus.
  • Tailored to a specific class.

For more information, contact the staff below.

  • Grace Turner-White SPC Learning Center 520.494.5068
  • SMC Learning Center 480-677-7728
  • Heinz Falenski STC Learning Center 520-494-7847
  • MAR Learning Center 520-494-6432

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Testing Services

Academic Testing and Proctored Exams

Exam Partners

The Learning Centers perform academic and proctored exams. Use the link above to find more information about academic and proctored exams.