Tutoring Services

Learning Centers Mission Statement
The mission of the Learning Support Department is to provide students with academic support through a myriad of platforms that afford students the opportunity to develop the strategies and competencies necessary for academic success. The primary objective is to create a friendly environment that embraces diversity, builds self-confidence, and promotes independent, self-directed learners.

Learning Centers Vision Statement
The vision of the Learning Support Department is to empower and inspire students to take an active role in their learning, provide resources that support all centers and campuses throughout Pinal County, and develop a community of tutors and proctors with expertise in modalities that will accommodate all students. The Learning Support Department will value the diversity of each learner and collaborate with internal and external learning organizations to provide the highest service possible to our stakeholders.
Computer Use Policy 515 is the technology use agreement by which Central Arizona College operates. Please read this policy before using CAC technology or services.

Tutoring for most courses is available to students in various modalities via our Learning Centers. The Learning Support Department will make a sincere effort to provide resources to assist students in their academic endeavors. Tutoring is free of charge.

Please call to verify a tutor’s schedule by calling one of the following campuses or sites unless an appointment has already been made with the receptionist at the corresponding location where you plan to receive tutoring. After meeting with a tutor, Learning Support would appreciate it if you would take a moment to anonymously complete the Tutor Survey located at the front desk.

Central Arizona College tutoring is available at the following locations listed below. Please select the site for which you need information regarding tutoring services. Students are welcome to visit whichever campus or center is most convenient to suit their needs.