The Goal of Placement Assessment is to Ensure Success

It is important to understand that students cannot “fail” their placement assessments. Rather, results of writing, mathematics, and reading assessments are indicators of a student’s current skill levels and are used to help students select appropriate courses that build on present knowledge and support future success. Prior to enrolling in courses in their program of study, students may be required to enroll in basic skills courses to help develop the academic proficiency necessary for success at the college level. If you would like to take a few practice questions, please click on the links provided at the bottom of this page or get the free ACCUPLACER Study App for your phone.  Students can access their individual scores on the ACCUPLACER Student Portal.

Reading Competency Requirement

Demonstrated proficiency in reading comprehension is a requirement for all degrees awarded by Central Arizona College. Students must achieve an appropriate score on their reading placement assessment or complete RDG100 with a grade of “C” or better to meet the college graduation requirement.

Reading is a prerequisite or co-requisite for many individual courses at Central. Students can consult individual course descriptions in the College Catalog for more information. When assessment scores indicate a reading class is necessary, an academic advisor can help students select additional appropriate courses.

Important Information about the ACCUPLACER Placement Assessments:

The ACCUPLACER is not timed. It is to the student’s benefit to take their time on every portion of the assessment.  This is an assessment to help the student and academic advisor determine the best level of placement in academic courses.  Student will be assessed on reading, writing and math abilities.

ACCUPLACER Reading Assessment is a comprehension assessment. The assessment is designed to determine how well the student is prepared for college level coursework and assesses their reading comprehension.  It is to the student’s benefit to take their time on this portion of the assessment – it does not assess how quickly they read.

ACCUPLACER Writing Assessment assesses the student’s ability to write a short essay. There are three levels of English composition students can qualify for when taking this assessment: English090, English100, English101.

ACCUPLACER Math Assessment assesses your math ability. The assessment will begin with Elementary Algebra and will adjust the difficulty level based on your answers. Achievable math levels range from Basic Arithmetic to Analytical Calculus & Geometry. An online calculator is provided within the assessment program when allowable for use. The test proctor will not provide a calculator-as the assessment will provide you the appropriate calculator based upon the math question. The test proctor will provide scratch paper.

Assessment Testing Center Expectations:

  • You must have a CAC student ID number. (If you are not a CAC student, you will need to pay a $25 proctor fee at our Cashier’s office prior to assessment – submit your receipt to the test proctor.)
  • You must present photo identification to assessment testing center staff. (Acceptable ID: CAC student/staff ID or state issued photo ID)
  • Assessment Testing rooms are restricted to students who are testing. Parents, children, friends, spouses, pets and others may not accompany students into assessment rooms. (Children under 16 years old may not be left unattended in the lobby area during assessment)
  • Personal items and electronic devices are prohibited in the assessment testing room. This includes but is not limited to: book bags, backpacks, purses, pagers, cell phones, CD players, MP3players, PDAs, iPODs, etc. (Proctors will direct you regarding the storage of your belongings).  Food and/or drinks are not permitted in the assessment testing room.

Sample Questions

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