Web Design Certificate

Employment opportunities at the certificate level

  • Web Designers – Design and implement how websites look and work.  Specific skills include design-tools-of-choice, HTML, CSS and light JavaScript.
  • UI Designers – Design how the website will look and using design-tools-of-choice with light HTML/CSS skills.  This career is design only.
  • UX Designers – Focus on researching how people use a website.  They implement changes and test results for better user interaction.
  • Front End Developers – Construct webpages using technologies such as JavaScript and jQuery.  No design involved but may build on the design of a graphic web designer.
  • Back-End Developers – Focus on back-end work with programming languages specific to the web such as PHP, Ruby, Python, light JavaScript, etc.  Some design work, heavy on programming, security and structure.
  • Full Stack Development – Is a high end career.  Full Stack Developers work with a combination of front and back end design and development.

Course Requirements