Records and Registration

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Regular Admissions

Regular Admission is granted to anyone
who meets ONE of the following:

Graduate of a regionally accredited high school as defined by the United States Office of Education or any appropriate state educational agency
♦Earned a high school certificate of equivalency (GED)
♦18 years of age or older and demonstrates evidence of potential success in the community college
♦Transfer student in good academic standing from another college or university
♦Students Under the Age of 18, or participating in Early College or Dual Enrollment program should follow the high school student path.


Central Arizona College is an open admission institution.
Students 18 years or older may be admitted without a high school diploma or GED certificate.

To be admitted:
•Complete the New Student Admissions Application
•Complete Placement Assessment for reading, writing and math

Important: A high school diploma or GED is required to qualify for financial aid; for this reason GED classes and Testing are available

Central Arizona College provides equal opportunity in employment and educational programs and activities. Discrimination is prohibited on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, national origin, military status or genetic test information.

Admission requirements are published in their entirety under Admissions in the CAC College Catalog.

Residency Status and Guidelines

Students are classified for tuition purposes under one of the following classifications:

•Resident, in-state
•Non-resident (includes out-of-state, F-1 non-immigrant students and students without legal immigration status)

Resident Status will be assigned to under the following conditions:

•Students who are U.S. citizens
•Dependent students living in Arizona for less than one year, but reside with their parents or legal guardians who have established domicile in Arizona for one year and claim the student as an exemption for state and federal tax purposes
•Financially independent students who have resided in Arizona for more than one year prior to the start of the semester in which they are enrolling and have established Arizona as their permanent domicile
•Students who have transferred to Arizona by their employer for employment purposes
•Students or spouses who are members of the armed forces of the United States, stationed in Arizona pursuant to military orders
•Students who are members of Native American tribes whose reservation lands lie in Arizona and extend into another state and who are residents of that reservation

Non- Resident Status will be assigned under the following conditions:

•Students who are claimed as exemptions by parents or legal guardians for federal or state income tax purposes and the parent or guardians are residents of a state other than Arizona
•Most persons who have lived in Arizona less than one calendar year
•Students who have not established Arizona as their permanent domicile after moving to Arizona
•Winter visitors who have not established Arizona as their permanent domicile, even if here for more than one year, are still considered out-of-state
•Students who are not U.S. Citizens

Implementation of Guidelines

  • Each student applicant shall have the question of legal residence determined prior to the time of registration and payment of fees. It is the responsibility of the applicant to register under the correct resident determination.
  • Enforcement of residency requirements shall be the responsibility of the President of Central Arizona College. The President has designated the Admissions and Records Office to make the initial domicile classification. In determining a student’s classification, the college may consider all evidence, written or oral, presented by the student and any other information received from any source which is relevant to determining classification. The college may request written sworn statements or sworn testimony of the student.
  • A request for a review of the initial classification may be made to the Dean of Academic Services. The request must be in writing, signed by the student and accompanied by a sworn statement of all facts relative to the matter. The request must be filed within 10 days of receipt of notification of classification as a non-resident. Failure to file properly a request for review within the prescribed time limit constitutes a waiver of review for the current enrollment period. The decision of the Dean of Academic Services shall be final.

Questions: Contact

Residency regulations are published in their entirety under Official Residency Guideline in the CAC College Catalog.

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Course Registration

Registering is Easy!
Follow Options #1, #2 or #3 below.

*Phone registrations are not permitted





 You may visit a campus location near you for in-person registration. Please note that the quickest way to register is online via your student portal.


COMPLETE Registration Transaction Request 
Use your student portal for instant registration. The Registration Transaction Request requires 3-5 college business days for processing.

Are you unsure of what courses you need to complete your degree or certificate?

MEET with an Academic Advisor to discuss course requirements: MAKE ADVISING APPOINTMENT 

Important Notes:

♦New students should refer to the Academic Calendar to find the last date to register before classes begin.
Waitlisted classes: Students may place themselves on the waitlist for a full class. If space becomes available, the student will receive notification through online services. The student will have 24 hours to register for the class. If the registration is not completed in the allotted time period, the seat is forfeited and the next waitlisted student is notified.
♦Tuition and Fees are due upon registration. Financial Aid or payment information is available through your Student Portal.
♦Registration is regarded as a commitment by the student to comply with all regulations of the college.

Registration requirements are published in their entirety under I have my schedule, now what should I do?  in the CAC College Catalog


Access Unofficial Transcript

Current Students / Or students that have attended in the past 18 months, you may access your unofficial transcripts through your STUDENT PORTAL.

Past students (who have not attended a class in the last 18 months or longer), please complete the Unofficial Transcript Request Form.

Need Assistance: E:  or P: 520-494-5111

Order and Pay Online for CAC Official Transcripts

Former and current students can request Official Transcripts and/or Enrollment Verification through the National Student Clearinghouse.

Official Transcript Service Policy:

•Official transcripts are $10.00 each. Fees must be paid prior to the release of transcripts
•Transcripts will not be issued if any obligations are due to Central Arizona College
•All requests must bear the student’s signature (in accordance with FERPA).
•Official transcripts cannot be faxed, as they must bear a secure seal from the Office of the Register

♦ Requests must be made online (preferred) or by completing the Transcript Request Form, requests are not accepted by telephone or email. In compliance with federal law, records are released only with the written consent of the student. No other person (including parent or spouse) may authorize the release of student records. Out-going transcript requests are processed from the Signal Peak Campus.

Incoming Official Transcripts

Evaluation of Official Transcripts for incoming transfer credits:
Official Transcripts must be in an unopened sealed envelope from the previous college. To have Official Transcripts evaluated by Central Arizona College, please have your Official Transcripts mailed to:

Central Arizona College
Transcript Evaluation Office
8470 North Overfield Road
Coolidge, AZ 85128
Ph: 520-494-5260

Electronic transcripts may be emailed to for review. Electronic transcripts are only considered official when sent directly from the transferring institution or third party electronic transcript exchange company. This is not a monitored email address for inquiries. For additional questions, please email

♦Incoming Transfer Courses must have been acquired through a regionally accredited college or university.
♦CAC Transfer Course Evaluator will determine course transferability and this determination will be listed in the student’s CAC academic record, which can be viewed in the Student Portal.
♦Incoming Official Transcripts MUST be received by CAC before you can register for 2nd semester courses.

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