Multiracial medical students communicating while learning at college hallway.

Nursing, AAS

Central Arizona College’s Registered Nursing Program prepares students for the medical workforce or to complete further education to specialize in clinical practice, teaching, or administration.

Program Information

We are currently accepting applications for the Spring 2025 cohort until the June 15th, 2024 deadline. 

About Nursing Program

Our mission is:

  • ·Teaching safe, evidenced-based practice
  • ·Reaching out to a culturally diverse population within our community
  • ·Understanding trends in nursing education and health care dynamics
  • ·Empowering student learning through the use of innovation and technology

The program course sequence begins for new students each Fall and Spring semester. Class size is limited, making entrance into the CAC Nursing Program highly competitive. Those interested in additional information or an application to the program can attend a Nursing Information Session.


Application and Advising Process:

  1. Attend a Nursing Information Session to obtain an application, which is held monthly (except summer).
  2. Meet with an Advisor and develop a Master Academic Plan (MAP)[PDF]; signed by an Advisor. (Bring to advising meeting unofficial copies of all your transcripts.)
  3. Send official transcripts to Central Arizona College’s registrar.
  4. Take HESI entrance exams at a Central Arizona College’s testing center .
  5. Meet all criteria: GPA 2.75; BIO201/202 taken within the last 5 years; Pass HESI exam, AZ LPN or LNA; Eligibility to register for ENG101 and MAT141.

Turn Application Packet in by Deadline:

  1. RN Traditional Track Application Points Form
  2. Application Advisor MAP [PDF]– signed by an Advisor
  3. HESI exam taken at Central Arizona College
  4. LNA or LPN proof
  5. Unofficial transcripts from all colleges attended (including Central Arizona College)
  6. Bring packet to W110 at SPC campus, mail certified,  or email application to

Past student have used study resource: HESI A2 Practice Exam app,  and Nursehub


  1. March 1st, 6:00 pm for Fall term
  2. June 15, 6:00 pm for Spring term
  3. If the dates above fall on Friday or the weekend, the deadline date would be the following Monday

Nursing Information Session(s)

The Nursing Division is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom Nursing Information Session for our Traditional RN-AAS track or our LPN to RN Bridge track.   Students who attend a ZOOM session will have an opportunity to request an application be emailed to them after the session.
 June 17th, 2024
Traditional RN-AAS- Nursing Information Session 
  • Topic:  RN- AAS Traditional Nursing Information Session Zoom Meeting (Last session before the RN-AAS traditional track June 15th application deadline)
  • Time: 10:00AM – 11:00AM
  • No registration or sign up necessary. Meeting ID: 916 1442 4016

LPN to RN Bridge- Nursing Information Session             

  • Topic:  LPN to RN Bridge Nursing Information Session Zoom Meeting
  • Time: 11:15AM- 12:15PM
  • No registration or sign up necessary. Meeting ID: 923 9727 8640
July 24th, 2024

LPN to RN Bridge- Nursing Information Session    (Last session before the LPN to RN, August 1st application deadline)

  • Topic:  LPN to RN Bridge Nursing Information Session Zoom Meeting
  • Time: 2:00PM- 3:00PM
  • No registration or sign up necessary. Meeting ID: 978 4210 9247

Nursing Student Handbook [PDF]