Chemistry pathway (AS)

Chemistry pathway (AS)

The Chemistry pathway with an AS degree is for the student seeking a bachelor’s degree in chemistry

Students will discover principles of laboratory science and build foundations in organic and inorganic chemistry. Additionally, students will complete a broad array of math and science transferrable coursework in preparation for university transfer.

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Devin Fraley, Science Chair

Devin Fraley
Science Division Chair
Professor of Biology
STC  D-109

Meisha Binkley, Chemistry Professor

Meisha Binkley
Professor of Chemistry
STC  D-108

Dr. B. Jagadish - Chemistry Faculty

Bhumasamudram Jagadish, PhD
Professor of Chemistry
SPC S-232

Dr. Wayne Pryor, Geology & Astronomy Faculty

Wayne Pryor, PhD
Professor of Astronomy & Geology
SPC  S-217

Dr. Clark Vangilder, Physics Professor

Clark Vangilder, PhD
Professor of Physics
SPC  S-219