Travares Peterson at Podium Student Awards Ceremony Congratulations Slide

CAC Students Recognized at Awards Ceremony

By Angela Askey, Executive Director Public Relations and Marketing

Central Arizona College students were recognized for their outstanding academic and co-curricular achievements during a recent awards ceremony. Additionally, two faculty members were awarded faculty of the year.

Following is a listing of the award recipients:

Kylie Ralston                          Student Leader of the Year

Tammy Johns                         Outstanding Student Nurse of the Year

Xyra Rayno                             FCCLA Hospitality National Competitor

Colton Walker                        FCCLA Hospitality National Competitor

Khalia James                          FCCLA Hospitality National Competitor

Jose Olivarez                          Outstanding Returning Student

Paola Carter                           Tutor of the Year

Tisha Castillo                         Dietetic Education Program, Outstanding Nutrition & Dietetic Technician

Student Award

Karlene Begay                        Health Information Management Student of the Year

Ana Rodriguez                       Athlete of the Year

Benito Garcia                         Excellence in Writing

Aurica “Rikki” Morrison     Excellence in Writing

Laurie Altamirano                Excellence in Literature

Angelina Costa                      Excellence in Writing

Shania Adams                        Visual Arts Outstanding Student

Obdulia Prado-Sandoval     The Cheryl Foster Outstanding ECE Student Award

Mackenzie Whalen                Victoria Young-Chiverton Aspiring Early Childhood Professional Award

Latoya Coronado                   The Emerging ECE Professional Award

Austin Tyler                            Student Excellence of History

Samantha Barrow                 Student Excellence of History

Sara Alexander                      Student Excellence of History

Nina Guerin                           Student Excellence of Psychology

Melany Corona                      Student Excellence of Psychology

Soniya Jones                          Vaquero Spirit Award

Chanel Nelson                       Vaquero Spirit Award

Zachary Woods                     Vaquero Spirit Award

Princess Kara                        Student Excellence of Psychology

Kiernan Gallagher                 Outstanding Student in Biological Sciences

Cory Thomas                         Outstanding Student in Biological Sciences

Donovan Griffin                    Outstanding Student in Biological Sciences

Scott Russell                          Outstanding Pipefitting/Pipe Welding-Student Skilled Trades Division

Sevasti Silvia                         PTK Student of the Year

Tiffany McClellan                 Most Engaged

Judith Sainz                           Outstanding Student in Physical Sciences

Austin Bingham                    Outstanding Student in Engineering

Janelle Alvarado                   Outstanding Student in Engineering

Rosalia Love                          Visual & Performing Arts Department Outstanding Student Award

Sarah Skrnich                        Visual & Performing Arts Outstanding Student

Antonia Heath                      Outstanding First-Year

Pedro Ramirez                      Outstanding Mathematics Student of the Year

Victoria Henson                   Outstanding Mathematics Student of the Year

Wade Preecs                         Veteran Service Award

Magnolia Ramos-Quezada  TRIO SSS Mentor of the Year

Central Arizona College faculty hold doctoral and other advanced degrees and possess infinitely varied combinations of real-world experience which contribute to their ability to provide an outstanding learning experience to students at CAC. Each year students are invited to nominate outstanding faculty who have made a difference in the lives of students inside and outside the classroom. Heather Moulton and Fotini Sioris were named Faculty of the Year and recognized for demonstrating excellence in instruction, leadership, and a passion for helping students learn.