female correctional officer

CAC Offering Certificate and Degree Opportunities for Corrections Officers

By Angela Askey, Executive Director Public Relations and Marketing

Central Arizona College, in partnership with the GEO Group, Inc. will offer Correction Officer Training Academy (COTA) participants educational opportunities that will lead to a Corrections Certificate, with a pathway toward an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Justice Studies.

Through a cohort model, all COTA graduates and currently enrolled cadets may transfer in their COTA coursework to CAC as an 18 credit hour block. Additionally, Students will take CAC’s Introduction to Administration of Justice (AJS101). Upon completion of AJS101, students will earn their Corrections Certificate.

Topics covered in CAC’s three credit AJS101 course include organization and jurisdiction of law enforcement, the courts, and corrections. Also covered are career opportunities and qualifying requirements, justice-related terminology and an introduction to law.

The certificate to degree pathway is designed to provide COTA graduates and correctional officers a way to upgrade their skills and knowledge while earning an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Justice Studies, with an emphasis on Corrections. CAC has also partnered with NAU to provide a 90/30 pathway for students to earn a Bachelor’s degree without leaving Pinal County (90 credits with CAC, 30 credits with NAU).

For further information, please email muriel.thomas@centralaz.edu.