Agriculture (AA)

Agriculture, AA

The Agriculture pathway is designed for those interested in a career or a transfer pathway degree in animal science, biotechnology, plant science, agriculture business, agriculture education, and other agriculture based programs

Program Information

Today’s students know that agricultural science involves more than farming. The future of the planet is dependent upon the wise use of its resources. Central Arizona College agriculture students participate in a wide variety of hands-on courses designed to launch careers in biotechnology, agribusiness, genetics, banking, real estate, conservation, education, environmental protection and more. Students learn in the classroom and off campus at the local farms, dairies, agri-businesses and ranches of Arizona’s Pinal County.

The mission of agricultural education at Central Arizona College is to provide a total educational pathway with educational experiences in and about agriculture.  Degrees and Certificates include:

  • Agriculture Associate of Arts
  • Agriculture Associate of Science
  • Agriculture Associate of Applied Science
  • Agriculture General Certificate
  • Agriculture Business Certificate
  • Equine Management & Training AAS & Certificate