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Repaying Student Loans

Are you starting to wonder how much your student loan repayment amount will be? Are you concerned that you won’t be able to afford it along with your normal everyday expenses? We know that managing your money can be a challenge and at times scary.  Our goal here is to provide you with information to help you make good financial decisions and avoid going into default.

Federal student loan borrowers have a six-month grace period before making payments. Use this time to get organized and choose a repayment plan.

Your student loan obligation is very important and how you manage it will help you to determine your future financial success. We recommend you contact your loan servicer and set up your online account as soon as possible.

What is a loan servicer? When you apply for a federal student loan you are assigned a loan servicer (a company) by the Department of Education.  They will work with you to get you started in repaying your federal student loan(s). Your loan servicer will help you decide which repayment option will best fit you (e.g. income driven repayment plans and loan consolidation).

To find your loan servicer’s information and your complete loan history, visit Federal Student Aid using your FSA ID to login.

Do not hesitate to contact your loan servicer at any time if you experiencing financial difficulty.  You want to avoid any serious consequences that may lead to default status and damage your credit rating. Your loan servicer can suggest a number of options that can lower or even temporarily suspend your monthly payment. They will work closely with you to address your needs.

We want you to have a successful financial future.
Yolanda is available to assist you if you have any questions
before or after you contact your loan servicer.

Yolanda Talamantez
CAC Financial Aid Specialist
Phone: (520) 494-5006