Grant Proposal Approval Guidelines

Central Arizona College assumes a legal obligation as a contract holder or partner when it accepts grant funding.  College staff must contact the Grants Office prior to writing and/or submitting any proposals.  A Grants Pre-proposal Form must be completed and sent to the Grants Office before you proceed with the grant application.  For grants that are $100,000 or less, complete the Pre-Proposal Short Form. For larger grants, complete the Pre-Proposal Grant Concept Approval Form. The forms are available from the Grants Office. Both the Grants Initiative Committee and Cabinet have a role in the approval process.

The President’s Cabinet reviews pre-proposal forms for grants that:

  • Are $100,001 or more
  • Have match or in-kind requirements
  • Require the college to make a commitment to institutionalize project staff at the end of the grant period
  • Involve significant partnerships (e.g., partnerships that involve Memorandums of Understanding or Intergovernmental Agreements, sharing of the grant funds, etc.)

The Grants Initiative Committee reviews pre-proposal forms for grants that:

  • Are $100,000 or less
  • Do not have match or in-kind requirements
  • Do not require the College to make a commitment to institutionalize project staff at the end of the grant period
  • Do not involve significant partnerships with other organizations

 Review of the Grant Applications

A project funded by a large grant usually involves hiring personnel, utilizing the services of existing CAC staff, and in-kind and match requirements.  Therefore, the appropriate staff must review the grant proposal before it is submitted to the funding entity.  The review’s purpose is to ensure that the proposed project is feasible and not a burden to the college.

  •  Human Resources should review the plan to hire project personnel and any proposed salaries.
  • The budget development officer must review and approve the project’s budget, in-kind, match, and any statements or promises about sustaining the project after the grant ends.
  • The executive director of Institutional Planning and Research, should review the proposal’s evaluation design.
  • If the proposal will state that college personnel will provide a service for the grant project, contact them first to get their approval.  For example, if you write that the College’s marketing staff will produce promotional materials for the project, first clear this with the executive director of marketing.
  • The Grants Office should review the proposal.  We are happy to make suggestions and help with the writing when time and workload allow.
  • Your supervisor should review and approve the application.
  • The College’s president/CEO has the ultimate responsibility for approving the submission of grants to external agencies and for accepting external funds on behalf of Central.  Please notify the Grants Office when you are seeking the president’s signature for grant applications.