New Teaching Method Benefits CAC Students

By Angela Askey, Executive Director of Public Relations & Marketing

Central Arizona College students enrolled in BIO201 and BIO202 are experiencing a new form of learning using MANIKEN® Student Models and clay.

Samuli Rauhalammi, Professor of Biological Sciences introduced the ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning Systems this past year to 14 students enrolled in

BIO201 at the Aravaipa Campus.

The goal of this new teaching method is to minimize the time spent on lectures, allowing students’ time for self-discovery and hands-on learning. Students learn about all body systems including skeletal, muscular, nervous, tissue types and cell function. At the end of the class, they will complete a case study of a chosen clinical condition.

Professor Rauhalammi explains, “Each stu

dent receives a ½ skeleton model that will stay with them for the two years they are enrolled in the biology courses. The students put together their model, one system at a time and each model develops their own characteristics.” He adds, “Through this method, all learning styles (visual, kinesthetic, and auditory) are addressed. It is a paradigm flip for the classroom.”

Kyndra Barney, a BIO201 student stated, “I’m a visual learner, so it was nice to have something to look at.”

Although this is currently only being done in biology courses taught at the Aravaipa Campus, this teaching method will be rolled out district-wide beginning in Fall 2018.

Multiple students have commented about the positive benefits of this learning model.

Maranda Petty said, “I feel the hands on part of the class [with] clay models was very useful. [They] gave a better understanding of where the body parts are placed. I really enjoyed it!”

Jacob Reidhead added, “I found the clay model to be very useful in learning about the body. I got to see it. If it was just a lecture it would be hard to see what they looked like.”

Kadi Monfred declared, “This is the best class I’ve ever had at CAC.”

Enrollment is now taking place at all CAC campuses for Fall 2018. Please visit or one of the college’s five locations for assistance in becoming a CAC student.


For over 30 years, the ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System has provided the most effective, informative and relevant anatomy education through the power of hands-on learning. ANATOMY IN CLAY® Centers is a IRS-registered 501(c)(3) public charity that is devoted to innovating the teaching and learning of anatomy and comparative zoology education through hands-on workshops. Their goal is to empower self-discovery in each of us, proving that we are all amazing, while at the same time uniquely connected to each other and the world around us. They are passionate about advancing the study of anatomy and creating success for both students and teachers alike.

BIO201 Students with Clay Heart Models

BIO201 Student with SkeletonANATOMY IN CLAY® ModelKendra Barney works on Model