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New Career Exploration and Skills Program Helps CAC Students Navigate In-Demand Careers

Central Arizona College (CAC) announced a new partnership with Pipeline AZ, an Arizona career development and jobs skills platform, to provide an innovative regional solution to advancing economic opportunities and developments. The career development and jobs skills platform called the CAC Pipeline helps students and Pinal County job seekers explore high-demand careers that align with their passions, skills and Pinal County’s economic demands.

“CAC Pipeline is not just another job board for students. Leveraging Pipeline AZ’s technology, CAC students can explore fields of interest, identify their skills and training opportunities that align with our community’s workforce needs,” said Carrie McIntyre, Academic Success Coordinator at Central Arizona College. “As Pinal County continues to grow with more opportunities in high-demand careers like software developer, business management, social work, cybersecurity analyst, teacher, graphic designer, nurse, construction designer and more, we are setting our students and community up for a sustainable future.”

CAC Pipeline uses Pipeline AZ’s white-labelled platform and services to act as a career exploration and talent development infrastructure for all CAC students. The platform gives students and job seekers advanced insights about the exact skills, education, or certificates they need to reach their career goals. Upon completion of their profile, users will then have access to a variety of career exploration opportunities and information, including job shadowing, service learning, field experience, research, apprenticeship, further education, and other opportunities specific to Pinal County.

“Pipeline AZ’s partnership with CAC provides a workforce solution that will highlight pathways to in-demand careers by bringing together educators, local employers, community partners and students onto one platform,” said Katherine Pappas, Senior Vice President of Pipeline AZ. “The platform’s skills mapping technology helps job seekers begin a new path, level-up in their existing careers, explore work or work-based learning opportunities and discover new passions for lifelong success while also giving local employers access to current and rising talent in the region.”

Every CAC student will have access to customized career exploration tools and support through the Pipeline AZ platform, which showcases Pinal County-specific as well as statewide career opportunities. Pinal County job seekers who are not enrolled in a CAC degree program, will also be able to set up a profile to explore careers and discover local training programs to help them reach their career goals. Regional employers will be able to post jobs. The listings will include skills, certifications and degrees needed.

“Pinal County is home to a wide range of economic opportunities and our students are lifelong learners who want to make a strong impact on their local community. Through the CAC Pipeline, Central Arizona College can better serve and educate its diverse student body by helping them make fulfilling career choices while growing the local economy in Pinal County,” said Nicole Costales, Title V Project Director at Central Arizona College.

CAC students and Pinal County job seekers of any age and experience can connect with employers at


Pipeline AZ is a career development and exploration platform that creates pathways to in-demand careers by connecting the dots between industry and education. It uses skills mapping technology to help job seekers discover new paths or level up in their existing careers while also serving as a valuable recruiting tool for employers. Learn more at