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Former CAC Student Jared Gale Graduates with Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from ASU: A Testament to the Quality of Education and Resources Available at Both Institutions

Arizona State University and Central Arizona College are proud to announce the success of former transfer student Jared Gale, who recently graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from ASU in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

Jared’s journey began while working in the Arizona copper mines, where he reflected on his future and the impact of physical demands on his health and wellbeing. He enrolled at CAC and found an awesome experience with approachable professors who made difficult courses easier to understand. Jared then used MyPath2ASU® to plan out his entire transfer pathway, term by term, and save time and money beginning at the community college.

At ASU, Jared pursued his passion for electrical engineering. He enjoyed the flexibility and support of his professors and found that ASU had more classes directed towards what he wanted to learn in the engineering path compared to other universities. Jared also found joy in the undergraduate teaching assistant program, which allowed him to help give back to some of the students and solidify his foundation and some of the more basic knowledge.

Jared’s success is a testament to the quality of education and resources available at both CAC and ASU. CAC provides an excellent foundation for students to prepare for their transfer to universities like ASU, and MyPath2ASU® offers a smooth and cost-effective pathway for transfer students. ASU offers flexible and supportive learning environments, innovative programs, and a diverse community that values every student’s success.

Jared’s advice to new ASU transfer students is to show up, do the work, and follow through to the end. His story proves that with determination and support from both CAC and ASU, students can achieve amazing success and graduate with amazing opportunities.

ASU and CAC are proud of Jared’s achievements and wish him continued success in his career in environmental testing. ASU remains committed to providing an exceptional education and experience to all its students, including transfer students.

Jared graduated ASU with his BSE in December 2021. Learn more about Jared’s transfer experience from CAC to ASU.

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