Central Arizona College Recognizes Spring 2019 National Society of Leadership and Success Inductees and Award Recipients

By Angela Askey, Executive Director Public Relations and Marketing

The Central Arizona College (CAC) chapter of the National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS) recently held its spring induction and awards ceremony, marking the end of the Society’s inaugural year at CAC.

CAC’s Chapter of the NSLS was established in August 2018. In its first year on campus, 302 students joined. Ninety-one students completed the program in the fall and another fifty-nine were added as inducted members this spring. New inductees received a Certificate of Leadership Training honoring their achievement and lifetime membership in the NSLS during the April 23 ceremony.

The NSLS is the nation’s largest leadership society with 950,000 members representing 700 universities and colleges nationwide. In addition to honoring excellence, the NSLS provides a systematic program for members to build their leadership skills through participation on their campus.

To become an inducted member, students must follow a step-by-step program designed to build leadership skills through participation on campus. The first step is an orientation followed by a leadership training day where the students identify goals and their true passions to create actions steps for achieving their goals. The third and fourth steps include participation in three speaker broadcasts and three success networking team meetings. Following each meeting, they submit a reflective journal entry online. The final step is induction.

Inducted members can move on to obtain an Advanced Leadership Certification and Executive Leadership Certification by continuing their activities with NSLS. Six students were presented with advanced honors at the ceremony.

The CAC NSLS members recognized two CAC employees for their service to the campus and community: Christina Shepherd Jones, Academic Advisor and Benny DeSantiago, Coordinator of Community Outreach. Honorary membership was presented to Sherrie Licon, Director of Student Success Initiatives.

Samuli Rauhalammi (Professor of Biological Sciences) and Dr. Derrick Span (Chair of Social & Behavioral Sciences) were honored for Excellence in Teaching.

Newly inducted members receiving their leadership certificate were:

Emaleyna Alvarado, Florence

Gifty Amoako, San Tan Valley

Joanna Andrews, Florence

Monica Antone, Sells

Veronika Atilano, San Tan Valley

Natalie Auerbach, Casa Grande

Cynthia Barajas, Casa Grande

Mayra Bojorquez, Eloy

Kara Bresee, Cooldige

Stacie  Burns, Apache Junction

Evelyn Carrillo, Eloy

Demetria Carter, San Manuel

Ashley Cash, Chandler

Adrianna Chambers, Maricopa

Adam  Cooper, Casa Grande

Renee Cooper, Casa Grande

Ryan Correale, San Tan Valley

Kaira Cortez, San Tan Valley

Maria Cota, Casa Grande

Kathryn Dawson, Apache Juction

Janelle Digos, Apache Junction

Alyshia Enas, Coolidge

Corinna Espinoza, Eloy

Victoria Farmer, Coolidge

Yannick Felix-Leon, Casa Grande

Katherine Fronheiser, Casa Grande

Conner Gamage, Apache Junction

Jennifer Garcia-Vega, Eloy

Hanna  George, Florence

Macy Goehring, Prineville, OR

Jennifer Gonzales, Casa Grande

Christian Gonzalez, Casa Grande

Kaycee Graham, Casa Grande

McKenna Hansen, San Tan Valley

Teresa Hoing, Casa Grande

Jaime Houser, San Tan Valley

Shaddaia Ingram, Phoenix

Kamyla Jemison, Florence

Christopher King, Casa Grande

Austin Klunk, Casa Grande

Byron  Kouris, San Tan Valley

Ryan Juan Lewis, Sells

Summer Mattia, Casa Grande

Rene Mercado, Coolidge

Anton-Jude Mesa, Casa Grande

Angelo Navoa, Casa Grande

Karina Palomino, Apache Junction

Kimberly Pearson De Joseph, Mesa

Joshua Perez, Casa Grande

Claudette Porchas, Coolidge

Yasmin Santa Cruz, Maricopa

Michelle Scheeler, San Tan Valley

Ashley Sousie, Mesa

Julian Soza, Casa Grande

Jessica Sugick, Casa Grande

JessicaAnn Taunt, Casa Grande

Guillermo Valenzuela, Casa Grande

Blessing Ventura, Sells

Tristan Wheeler, Casa Grande

Members receiving Advanced Leader certification include:

Jose Carrillo, Eloy

Andrew Turner, Casa Grande

Valeria Nieto, Coolidge

Victor Espino, Queen Creek

Yuliana Toledo Avila, Stanfield

Ashley Dobbs, Maricopa