Aravaipa Academic Plus Award Recipients

Central Arizona College Recognizes Outstanding Students and Faculty of the Year Awardees at All Campuses

 By Angela Askey, Executive Director of Public Relations & Marketing

Central Arizona College recently held Student Awards of Excellence events at each of the college’s campuses to recognize students for their outstanding academic and co-curricular achievements. Faculty of the Year were also named at each campus.

Following is a listing of the award recipients by campus:

Aravaipa Campus

All Arizona Scholarship Winner  – Matthew Fode

Excellence in English   Shea Lee Gray

Faculty of the Year – Samuli Rauhalammi

Outstanding CIS Student  Clive Ward-Cron

Outstanding Part-Time Student – Michelle Kaufhold and Richard Perez

Outstanding PTK Officer – Jose Gomez

Outstanding Social & Behavioral Science Student – Michelle Kaufhold

Outstanding Student in Anatomy & Physiology Desiree Gallardo

Outstanding Student in the Biological Sciences  Franky Renteria

Student Veteran of the Year – Richard Perez

Tutor of the Year  Michelle Kaufhold

Academic Plus Awards – Adriana Cruz, Anthony Acuna, Ashley Rutter, David Isaiah Velasquez, Iiana Goad, Joceyln Miramontes, Jose Gomez, Kadi Monfred, Kyndra Barney, Latissia Garcia, Pauline Janaya Sanchez, and Salina Vargas

Maricopa Campus

All Arizona Scholarship Winner – Jessica Cadena

Emerging Early Childhood Education Professional – Nicole Gutierrez

Faculty of the Year – James Cadena

Most Engaged Student – Elaine Cluff

Noether-Leibniz Math Award – Christian Bravo

Outstanding First Year Student – Alexis Lindsay

Outstanding Phi Theta Kappa Officer   – Peggy Rider

Outstanding Student in the Biological Sciences  Adrianna Chambers and Elsa Martinez

Outstanding Student in the Physical Sciences – Trevyn Youngdale

Pascal-Somerville Math Award – Nathan Julicher

Student Leader of the Year –  Stephanie Cabangcalan

Student Veteran of the Year – Nicole Remmler

San Tan Campus

All Arizona Academic Team – Holly Langan

Emerging Early Childhood Education Professional – Meagan Hartung

Excellence in English – Laura Pierce

Faculty of the Year – Dr. Derrick Span

Most Engaged Student  – Nicole Weir

Noether-Leibniz Math Award – Kristine Villasenor

Outstanding Accounting Student of the Year – Dallas G. Wormley

Outstanding First Year Student – Joshua Corn

Outstanding PTK Award  –  Holly Langan

Outstanding Social & Behavioral Science Student –  Naomi Barraza and Zach Hansen

Outstanding Student in the Biological Sciences – Nicole Weir

Outstanding Student in the Physical Sciences – Rupert Ventenilla

Pascal-Somerville Math Award – Amir Salehi

Student Veteran of the Year – Andrew Bahney and Rupert Ventenilla

Signal Peak Campus

All Arizona Academic Team – Sofya Pangburn

Cheryl Foster Outstanding Early Childhood Education Award – Rodolfo Gallardo

Creative Arts Student of the Year – Rebecca Christensen

Emerging Early Childhood Education Professional  – Monica Krantzman

Excellence in Literature – Karrie Ann Kennison

Faculty of the Year  – Dr. Liz Baroi

Female Athlete of the Year – Lakota Bird

Male Athlete of the Year – Nick Trogrlic-Iverson

Noether-Leibniz Math Award  Reid Merrell

Outstanding Accounting Student of the Year  – Andrew R. Garcia

Outstanding Honors Student – Sergio Barrera

Outstanding Phi Theta Kappa Officer  – William Doyle

Outstanding Social & Behavioral Science Student – Ana Traslavina

Outstanding Student in the  Biological Sciences – Samantha Luna

Outstanding Student in the  Physical Sciences  –  Katherine Wallis

Student Veteran of the Year – Millard Heath

Tutor of the Year – Moriah Faint

Superstition Mountain Campus

All Arizona Academic Team – Berenice Pelayo

Business and CIS Student of the Year   – Melissa Andersen

Cheryl Foster Outstanding Early Childhood Education Student – Ana Kearns

Emerging Early Childhood  Education Professional – Destiny Baldonado

Excellence in English –  Ashli Albertsen, Ehren Wittekind and Laura Pierce

Faculty of the Year – Dr. Sunjung Park

Most Engaged Student – Marcos Rodriguez

Noether-Leibniz Math Award – Harita Patel

Outstanding First Year Student  Michael Bokares-Griffith and Rupert Ventenilla

Outstanding Honors Student – Berenice Pelayo

Outstanding PTK Officer  – Berenice Pelayo

Outstanding Student in Health Information Technology    – Khrystyna Richardson

Outstanding Student in the Biological Sciences –  Ehren Wittekind and Cameryn Fossell

Pascal-Somerville Math Award – Daniel Reinertson

Student Leader of the Year  – Desiree File

Student Veteran of the Year –  Michael McDonald

Virtual (online) Campus

CIS Student of the Year  –  Christopher Combs

Faculty of the Year – Margaret Tate

CAC extends their congratulations to award recipients.