Central Arizona College Holds Inaugural Induction for National Society of Leadership and Success

By Angela Askey, Executive Director Public Relations and Marketing

The Central Arizona College (CAC) chapter of the National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS) recently held its inaugural induction and awards ceremony.

CAC’s Chapter of the NSLS was established in August 2018. By the end of the fall semester, 209 new members joined. Ninety-one students completed the program and received a Certificate of Leadership Training honoring their achievement and lifetime membership in the NSLS during the December 6 ceremony.

The NSLS is the nation’s largest leadership society with 950,000 members representing 700 universities and colleges nationwide. In addition to honoring excellence, the NSLS provides a systematic program for members to build their leadership skills through participation on their campus.

To become an inducted member, students must follow a step-by-step program designed to build leadership skills through participation on campus. The first step is an orientation followed by a leadership training day where the students identify goals and their true passions to create actions steps for achieving their goals. The third and fourth steps include participation in three speaker broadcasts and three success networking team meetings. Following each meeting, they submit a reflective journal entry online. The final step is induction.

Inducted members can move on to obtain an Advanced Leadership Certification and Executive Leadership Certification by continuing their activities with NSLS.

The CAC NSLS members recognized nine CAC employees for their service to the campus and community. Honorary memberships were presented to Dr. Jenni Cardenas, Vice President for Student Services; Michelle Gomez, Academic Division Assistant; and Dr. Sandra Rath, Professor of Speech Communication.

Dr. Liz Baroi (Professor of Psychology), Heather Moulton (Professor of English), and Fotini Sioris (Professor of Biological Sciences) were honored for Excellence in Teaching.

Also honored by the chapter were Celina Salinas (Assistant Director of Recruitment), Mark Ebert (Academic Advisor), and Gail Nettles (Project Director for TRIO Student Support Services).

Newly inducted members receiving their leadership certificate were:

Bailey Abel, Maricopa

Garrett Acuna-Taylor, Casa Grande

Karen Aguero-Mancillas, Maricopa

Michaela Anderson, Florence (Exec Officer)

Kimberly Atkinson, Florence

Arcelia Avechuco-Lopez, Hayden

Harleigh Behrens, Florence

Caleb Bianco, Casa Grande

Aubrie Blauvelt, San Tan Valley

Evan Braun, Casa Grande

Josiah Burnett, Casa Grande

Michaela Bustos, Maricopa

Michael Cabrera, Arizona City

Jose Carrillo, Eloy (Exec Officer)

Cache Castelow, Avondale

Amari Chaput, Eloy

Arien Clemons-Hubbard, Florence (Exec Officer)

Nicole Cline, Florence

Kimberly David, Florence (Chapter Advisor)

Mariena Dearstyne, Maricopa

Taylor Deepe, Kearny

Ashley Dobbs, Maricopa

Alexus Dominguez, Casa Grande

Vanessa Enos, Sacaton

Victor Espino, Queen Creek (Exec Officer)

Roxana Figiel, Mesa

Tanesha Joan Freytes Colon, Maricopa

Aerin Fulton, San Tan Valley

Amanda Garcia, Casa Grande

Brian Garcia, San Tan Valley

Nicholas Gartland, Maricopa

Eric Glass, Coolidge (Exec Officer)

Naiya Guin, Casa Grande

Leticia Hamilton, Coolidge

Theresa Harkabus, Maricopa

David Hernandez, Casa Grande

Ravenna Hinojosa, Casa Grande

Samantha Huey, Apache Junction

Debriana Ibarra-Rodriguez, Casa Grande

Ana Kearns, Globe

Jessica Krempasky, Casa Grande

Joseph Lara, Casa Grande

Brittney Leonard, San Tan Valley

Alexis Lindsay, Maricopa

Kimberly Lovely, Apache Junction

Liliana Matthews, Casa Grande

Kayla McDowell, Kearny

Kris Mejia, Casa Grande

Angelica Joyce Mesa, San Tan Valley

Michelle Muhs, Hailey, ID

Jacob Nelson-Boaz, Casa Grande

Drayton Nicholson, San Tan Valley

Valeria Nieto, Coolidge (President)

Valene Ordonez, Casa Grande (Vice President)

Yadhira Osuna, Maricopa

Flora Peters, Florence

Alexander Pollard, Coolidge

Anna Ramirez, Eloy

Dr. Tramaine Rausaw, Coolidge (Chapter Co-Advisor)

Lauren Reed, Casa Grande

Samantha Ricardo, Maricopa

Peggy Rider, Maricopa

Jade Rodriguez, Casa Grande

Marcos Rodriguez, Apache Junction

Nery Rojas-Leo, Maricopa

Danica Rubio, Casa Grande

Estefan Ruiz, Eloy (Exec Officer)

Kayla Russ, Casa Grande

Pauline Sanchez, Kearny

Maylynn Santana, San Tan Valley

Julianna Sanudo, Stanfield

Laura Sanudo, Stanfield

Timonyeh Shines, Maricopa (Exec Officer)

Cody Smith, Florence

Jacob Soslowsky, Casa Grande

Zaille Staine, Casa Grande (Exec Officer)

Adina Stephens, Casa Grande

Daniel Swann, Stanfield

Emily Taft, Maricopa

Ashley-Danielle Thompson, Eloy

Janelle Tillman, Gold Canyon

Yuliana Toledo Avila, Stanfield

Ana Traslavina, Casa Grande

Karolina Traslavina-Quihuis, Florence

Juana Trujillo, Casa Grande

Andrew Turner, Casa Grande

Caitlyn Turner, Casa Grande (Exec Officer)

Guillermo Valenzuela, Casa Grande

Madeleine Van Sickle, Maricopa

Rupert Ventenilla, San Tan Valley

Stephanie Williams, Apache Junction

Kelsey Winquist, Queen Creek

Raya Woods, Eloy

For more information, contact chapter advisors Kim David, Coordinator of Student Engagement and Activities or Tramaine Rausaw, Dean of Student Life by visiting nsls.org.