Confident Girl With Book On University Campus

CAC English Faculty Award More than 20 Scholarships

By Angela Askey, Executive Director Public Relations and Marketing

Central Arizona College English faculty awarded scholarships to more than 20 students this spring. The faculty offered two types of scholarships: completion and book.

Nineteen book scholarships were awarded to help students purchase books and supplies at CAC’s bookstores. Each book scholarship was $250. Students who received the book scholarships include:


  • Alexia Wruble, Associate of Applied Science

Superstition Mountain Campus

  • Nicolas Metoyer, Associate of Applied Science

Maricopa Campus

  • Chata’e Kearney, Associate of Applied Science
  • Lauren Sundblom, Associate of Arts

San Tan Campus

  • Logan Correale, Associate of Arts
  • Ariana Ohlmaier, Associate of Science
  • Ashlynn Mathews, Associate of Applied Science
  • Stephanie Goodman, Associate of Science
  • Taylor Ackerman, Associate of General Studies
  • Hayden Woodward, Associate of Science
  • Emily Daniel, Associate of General Studies

Signal Peak Campus

  • Madelaine Allgaier, Associate of Applied Science
  • Michaela Anderson, Associate of Applied Science
  • Jacob DeBusk, Associate of Arts
  • Madison Ford, Associate of Science
  • Jordan Schrader, Associate of Business
  • Hayley Spurlock, Associate of Arts
  • Jose Alexis Vital Bermudez, Associate of General Studies
  • Skyler Wyly, Associate of Science

To earn a book scholarship, students had to submit a 250-300 word essay on how CAC has helped them, as a student, achieve their educational goals. Students had to be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours for the spring semester, achieve a grade of B or better in ENG 101 and have selected a program of study or major.

The completion scholarship is slightly different. It was designed to assist CAC students who are close to completing a degree or certificate and in need of tuition assistance. To apply, students had to submit a 500+-word essay explaining why the funds were needed for completion, maintain a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA, and have between 3 and 18 credits remaining to complete their degree or certificate. The Completion Scholarship covers up to 15 credit hours or a maximum of $1,290.00.

Completion Scholarship recipients include:

Maricopa Campus

  • Kaitlyn Lee, Associate of Applied Science

Signal Peak Campus

  • Ravenna Hinojosa, Associate of Arts
  • Jaqueline Salamanca, Associate of Arts
  • Skyler Wyly, Associate of Science

This is the third semester the English Department has been able to award the scholarships.