tokyo skyline

CAC Communication Studies Sponsoring Intercultural Studies in Tokyo During Spring Break 2019

Today’s global community challenges each of us to engage people and cultures we might not fully understand. The more we travel, the more likely we are to connect local issues to global ones—and the more culturally aware we become in an increasingly interdependent world.

Communication Studies will offer a study abroad experience through an Intercultural Communication course in Spring 2019. Participants will explore Intercultural Studies in Tokyo and Mount Fuji March 9-16. Discover limitless opportunities during an immersive week in Japan’s capital. Enter timeless Shinto shrines in the parks of Shibuya. Look up at the towering screens in the Ginza District or peer down from a cable car atop Mt. Komagatake.

Students must complete a 10—week course in Intercultural Communication to participate. They will experience Japanese history and culture, engage in Japanese language and Japanese cuisine. Scholarships are available.

For more information and a full itinerary visit EFCST.COM/2101194KR or contact Dr. Sandra Rath, Communication Studies Professor, at 480.677.7836 for more details.