Panoramic View of Greece City

CAC Communication Studies Sponsoring Intercultural Studies in Greece During Spring Break 2020

Today’s global community challenges each of us to engage with people and cultures we might not fully understand. The more we travel, the more likely we are to connect local issues to global ones—and the more culturally aware we become in an increasingly interdependent world.

Communication Studies will offer a study abroad experience through an Intercultural Communication course in Spring 2020. Participants will explore Intercultural Studies in Greece, March 14-22. Attendees will discover limitless opportunities during an immersive week in Athens, Olympia and Delphi as well as discuss the feats of Michael Phelps and company at the site where the modern Olympics were born, and ponder life’s great questions in literal molds of Socrates, Plato and other great philosophers.

Students must complete a 10-week course in Intercultural Communication to participate. They will experience Intercultural Communication in Greek culture, explore ancient Greek history and culture, engage in Greek language and Greek cuisine.

Projected cost is $3,685, which includes airfare, accommodations, tours and more.  A $95 deposit is required to secure a spot on this trip.

For more information and a full itinerary visit EFCST.COM/2209142JW or contact Professor Michelle Young, Communication Studies Professor, at 520-494-5063 for more details.