Tuition & Fees

Students are responsible for making payment arrangements of tuition and fees at the time of registration.

Students are responsible for dropping classes before the semester if choosing not to attend.

The Western Undergraduate Education Program (WUE) is open to full-time students from 14 other states who are studying in Arizona. States include Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Also the Common Wealth of the Northern Marianas Islands

Tuition and Fees Subject to Change Without Prior Notice

*Some credit courses have a lab or special fee that is required. Fees for non-credit special interest courses are determined on a course by course individual basis.

Courses With Additional Fees

Courses With Additional Fees (per course):
CUL 108; 110; 112; 114; 121; 130; 142; 160; 161; 162; 230; 260; 261; 262; 263; 264; 265; 266; 268
$20 Per Hour

Internship/Seminar Fees
NTR 196, 272, 295, 296
$40 Per Hour

NUR 121, 122, 221, 222
$5 Per Hour

Tuition & Fees 2017 – 2018

CreditsArizona ResidentOut of State ResidentWUE Program
1$86$172*See disclaimer
2$172$344*See disclaimer
3$258$516*See disclaimer
4$344$688*See disclaimer
5$430$860*See disclaimer
6$516$1,032*See disclaimer
7$602$2,590*See disclaimer
8$688$2,960*See disclaimer
9$774$3,330*See disclaimer
10$860$3,700*See disclaimer
11$946$4,070*See disclaimer
21 & up$86 per hour$370 per hour$129 per hour

*Must be a full-time student with classes in Arizona to qualify.

Special Fees 2017 – 2018

AAMA Certification Exam – Medical Assistant$125
Alcohol Education Student Sanction Fee$45
Arizona State Prison inmate (self-pay)$104 per hour
Assessment of Credit for prior learning: Each Credit Hour Evaluated$86 per hour
Business & Industry TrainingNegotiated
Certificate/Degree Replacement Fee$10
Certified Mail Fee$7
Check non-sufficient funds return fee$25
CLEP test and Proctoring Fee (non-CAC tests)$110
Copy of public/police records50¢ per page
Copy of public/police records media fee$8
Credit by examination$86 per hour
Graduation Processing Fee$25
EMS 275 Certification Fee$450
Express mail at student’s request$30
Fax Transcript, Letter of Acceptance, Enrollment Verification, other materials & personal use$3 per page
Fees for travel courses and labsActual Cost
GED Test$149
GED Test Retake$35 per test
HESI Testing Fee: RN$37
HESI Testing Fee: Health Information Technology, Medical Assistant & Pharmacy Technology$35
Identification replacement$10
Malpractice insurance fee (E.M.T, I.E.M.T,Paramedic and First Responder)$60
Malpractice insurance fee (Nursing, DEP, Athletic Training, Massage Therapy, Radiology, All Health Careers)$25
Massage Fees: Hot rock$10
Massage Fees: 45 Minutes$10
Massage Fees: 20 Minutes$10
Police Enforcement – Moving violations (stop sign, speeding)$25
Police Enforcement – Parking fines$15
Placement test retake$10 per section
Private music/voice lesson lab fee$160
Proctoring Fee (non CAC Students)$25
Transcript Fee: In-person$10
Transcript Fee: Online$7.50

Special Fees 2016 – 2017 – College for Kids:

Signal Peak$260
Superstition Mountain$150

Special Fees 2017 – 2018 – Dormitory Fees:

Board per semester$1,900
Room deposit$150
Room per semester (quads and suites)$1,300
Room per semester (tower)$1,600
Room per semester (single)$2,300
Summer Room Only (weekly)$200
Cleaning Fee$100
Replacement Room Lock (simple)$75
Replacement Room Lock (complex)$100


Financial Aid Recources
Veteran's Services Specialist
Financial Aid Contact Information
  • District Office-Signal Peak Campus
  • Superstition Mountain Campus
  • San Tan Campus
  • Maricopa Campus
  • Aravaipa Campus