Diabetes Care and Education (Certificate)

The Diabetes Care and Education Certificate is designed to provide current education and training for professionals, paraprofessionals and other individuals working or in contact with people at-risk for developing diabetes or complications from diabetes. This program is also appropriate for anyone who has diabetes. The purpose of the certificate is to enhance understanding and facilitate the implementation of strategies to prevent and/or manage diabetes mellitus.

Who should enroll?

  • Anyone who has diabetes or has contact with someone with diabetes
  • Nutrition professionals seeking continuing education opportunities in diabetes
  • Health professionals who need current knowledge in diabetes
  • Paraprofessionals in healthcare, public health and community settings

Degree Major: 1307

2017-2018 Required Courses: 16 credits

NTR104 Nutrition (3) Prerequisite: RDG100
NTR131 Introduction to Diabetes (3)
NTR137 Carbohydrate Counting (1)
NTR191 Nutrition Counseling Skill Development (3) Prerequisites: NTR104 or NTR200
NTR201 Nutrition Literacy (1) Prerequisites: NTR104 or NTR200

Choose at least five (5) credits from the following list:

NTR134 Healthy Weight for Kids (1)
NTR136 Management of Gestational Diabetes (1)
NTR232a Food and Culture (1) Prerequisites: RDG100
NTR247 Weight Management Theory (3) Prerequisites: NTR104 or NTR200
NTR255 Medical Terminology, Labs, & Food Drug Interaction (1) Prerequisites: NTR104 or NTR200


  • College Credit
  • Continuing Education Credits
  • 1 credit = 15 CPEU’s for RDN/NDTR
  • Check with your credentialing agency for equivalent continuing education units