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What’s Your Major?

Finding a major can be tough! 

The tools below can help!

Explore CAC’s Areas of Interest and choose a Pathway:  Areas of Interest 

•Explore Career Development high school through college: AzCIS 

•Matches your skills to job types: Skills Profiler

•Tell us what you like to do and we’ll tell you about jobs you might like: I Seek Skills Assessment

•Will suggest careers that match your interest or training: My Next Move 

•Interactively explore and search careers: O*Net

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Tools & Resources

The resume is a brief outline of your experiences and skills.  Use the link below for guidance on creating your own resume.

The cover letter is your chance to communicate why you are qualified for a position and to let your personality shine.

Interviewing doesn’t have to be stressful. Use the following resources to ensure you are ready to tackle any interview scenario that comes your way.

You will need to  develop/practice basic skills and be able to share clear examples that demonstrate these skills in your resume and interview.


CAC Internships

Abbott Nutrition  (To be Announced)

Other Internships/Opportunities 

  • •Year Up – a non-profit organization that works with 18-24 youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to provide professional preparation and internships:
  • •Rise First – a non-profit that provides tons of college and professional resources for First-Generation College students:

Arizona Jobs

Career Specific Search Engines


Top 10 Websites for Job Search

Job Search Engines list openings advertised by employers.

To search for opportunities, click links below.


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Student Employment

CAC Student Employment Opportunities

CAC students have the opportunity to apply for student employment positions.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
Central Arizona College is an equal employment opportunity employer and is committed to a policy of non-discrimination and equal opportunity in all of its operations, employment opportunities, educational programs, and related activities. At CAC, no person shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in any form, in any program or activity at the college, or its branches. This policy embraces all persons regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental handicap, and medical condition and expressly forbids sexual harassment and discrimination. Additionally, Career Services  will only work with those employers who subscribe to EEO guidelines. Career Services abides by the principles set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Disability Accommodation
Reasonable accommodation will be made for all employees of Central Arizona College in regard to a change in the work environment or the way a job is “normally” performed that enables a qualified person with a disability to perform the essential functions of the job. Examples of reasonable accommodations include, but are not limited to, making facilities accessible, acquiring or modifying equipment, devices and job procedures. It is the responsibility of the student to inform his/her immediate supervisor if there is a need for an accommodation. Students are encouraged to contact the Special Needs Coordinator to register for services.
Disclaimer: Career Services is not responsible for the content made available through the web links to other web sites. The opinions and views associated with the web sites are not necessarily those of Central Arizona College or Career Services.

Student Employees

Student Employees

Student employees are critical resources utilized in various offices and departments within the college and with off-campus employers.  Students enhance their “learning process” through knowledge gained while employed, which attributes to the overall growth of the student personally and professionally.

General Student Employment Information

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the student employee understands the conditions of employment at the time of hire. These conditions must include the duties of the job, length of employment, working hours, leave policy, rate of pay, student evaluations and other departmental policies.

Satisfactory work performance is expected of all student employees. If an employer feels that a student is not fulfilling the duties of his/her job, the situation must be discussed with the student employer as soon as the problem is recognized. This will ensure that the student fully understands the responsibilities of the job before additional measures are taken and time elapses.

Student Employee Eligibility Requirements

There are three employment programs available to students at Central Arizona College. Each employment option has different eligibility requirements (see below).  All students that desire to be employed must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Student Employment Options:

Institutional Student Employee:

A student employed by a department or division within the College.  The student does not have to show financial need for these positions.  In order for a student to be hired, they must meet the following requirements:

  • ·Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
  • ·Must be enrolled in no less than six (6) credits at CAC.  A student can work up to 19 hours per week if enrolled in 12 or more credits, 15 hours per week if enrolled for 9 – 11 credits and 10 hours per week if enrolled in 6 – 8 credits.
  • ·Students can work no more than 19 hours per week while classes are in session.

Federal Student Employee:

The Federal Work-study Program is a federally funded program designed for students who have demonstrated financial need as indicated by utilizing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  As a Federal Student Employee, the federal government pays the student wages.  Students employed under this program must meet the following requirements:

  • ·Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
  • ·Must be enrolled in no less than six (6) credits at CAC.  A student can work up to 19 hours per week if enrolled in 12 or more credits, 15 hours per week if enrolled for 9 – 11 credits and 10 hours per week if enrolled in 6 – 8 credits.
  • ·Students can work no more than 19 hours per week while classes are in session.
  • ·Must be enrolled in an eligible program of study.
  • ·Must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).  To maintain SAP a student must:
    • 1) Maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA.
    • 2) The total attempted credit hours may not exceed 150 percent of the published educational program.
    • 3) Earned credit hours must be at least 67 percent of the attempted credit hours each academic year or semester as applicable.
    • Note: SAP is determined at the end of each semester.

Off-Campus Employment:

There are no College requirements for most positions that are located off-campus.  This employment option is available for ALL students seeking employment opportunities that are not available on campus.

Central Arizona College in its provision of services to students, alumni, and off-campus employers make no representations or guarantees regarding the opportunities listed on the job board and are not responsible for the wages, safety, working conditions or other aspects of off-campus employment. The Career Services acts strictly as a referral service and makes no particular recommendations. The integrity of each organization or person that lists an opening with the College is not researched. It is the responsibility of the students to take the necessary precautions when interviewing for and accepting part-time, full-time and/or internship positions. The student is advised to use care when applying for any position with an organization or a private individual. Students are strongly advised not to go alone to a residential address to apply for a job.

International Student Employee

International Student Employee

The laws of the United States regulate very closely whether students from foreign countries are eligible to work. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) has limited part-time employment for international students.  Students are allowed to work on campus up to 19 hours per week while school is in session and full-time during vacation periods and summer recess. International students are not eligible for College Federal Work-Study positions, as this is a United States Government sponsored program to provide financial aid to American students.

International students that possess an F1 visa may work on campus if they meet the following requirements:
•The foreign student must be enrolled in a program of study.
•Must be enrolled in no less than six (6) credits at CAC. A student can work up to 19 hours per week if enrolled in 12 or more credits, 15 hours per week if enrolled for 9-11 credits and 10 hours per week if enrolled in 6-8 credits.
•Students can work nor more than 19 hours per week while classes are in session.

International Hire Steps

The Social Security Administration regulates how international students receive and apply for Social Security numbers. International students must show that he/she has obtained employment and show proof of the employment to the Social Security Administration or a Social Security card will not be issued.

Step 1: Student must secure an offer of employment and have the supervisor complete and submit the Student Employment Assignment (SEA) form to Human Resources.
Step 2: Student goes to Human Resources and obtains a copy of the SEA and letter from Human Resources.
Step 3: Student obtains additional documentation from Registrar’s.
Step 4: Take letters/documents received from Human Resources and Registrar’s to Social Security Administration.
Step 5: Obtain and show the valid social security card to Human Resources and complete the additional hire documents with Human Resources.

Employers may interview and offer employment to the student, but the student MAY NOT, under any circumstances, begin work before they have secured a Social Security number.

To obtain a Social Security Card you may go to:

Social Security Administration
900 E. Florence Blvd.
Casa Grande, Arizona 85222

According to the Social Security Administration, it takes approximately 2 – 3 weeks to receive a Social Security card either by mail or in person.

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