Remote/Online Student Services

All of Central Arizona College’s physical campus locations have been closed to students & the public with a majority of services moved to online, telephone or virtual interactions until further notice. To assist our students in the transition to remote services and instructions, below are frequently used student services that are available online.


Apply for Admission
Admissions Student Forms
Any form can be emailed to
Register for Classes
Drop/Add Classes via Student Portal
Drop/Add Classes via Form
Email form to
*Deadline to drop a class for Spring 2020 is
Thursday, April 2
Payments: Students can make a payment by going online to their student portal  or by calling 520-494-5240.

Computer keyboard

IT Support

Password Changes (Bboard, Email, Student Portal):

Online Tutoring

Tutoring Services

Loaner Laptops Will Be Distributed (More info here)

Two Modes of Tutoring are Available Online (Blackboard):

1) Live synchronous Tutoring with or without appointment Monday through Thursday from 8 AM to 7 PM. Friday and Saturday hours available by appointment, please check the schedule

  • Open Blackboard > enter the Combined Tutoring course > Click on Ultra Tutor Rooms (the very first button on the upper left).
  • If you already have an appointment, locate your tutor by  name [alphabetical list],  click on the tutor’s name to enter their room and start your session.
  • If you do not have an appointment, navigate to Start Here/ Talk to a Tutor to schedule an appointment.
  • Once you have an appointment,
    • Return to Blackboard (if necessary)
    • Locate your tutor by name
    • Click on that tutor to start your session

2) Asynchronous Online  is available 24/7 for writing, math and science. Responses should be back to you within 36 hours of submission.

  • Log into Blackboard, enter the Combined Tutoring course
  • Click the desired link [writing, math or science] on the left-hand column under “Online Tutoring and Resources.”
  • Papers from any course, in progress or completed, may be submitted to “Writing/Submit an Essay.” Directions are listed above “Submit an Essay.”
  • And questions may be asked of math and science tutors by clicking the subject link/Ask a Question.
    • Either type the question in the comment box
    • or upload a document
  • Responses appear where you submitted the question for feedback.
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