English and Literature

English and Literature

Mission Statement

The Department of English at Central Arizona College promotes critical thinking and effective writing in an interactive and student-centered environment. We recognize the diversity of our students’ cultures, backgrounds, ages, and learning styles and encourage the students to use their experiences as tools in the learning process. All courses emphasize real-world writing contexts and the practical application of skills.

The department offers courses in basic writing, transfer level composition, creative writing, and literature.


  • Engage students in college level writing by providing instruction in paragraph and essay development with the emphasis on writing as a process;
  • Enable students to understand and respond critically to various texts while considering their audience, purpose, and context;
  • Instruct students to research issues, draw independent conclusions, and communicate their knowledge using a variety of formats;
  • Promote the ability to analyze research sources for quality and credibility;
  • Provide opportunities to use relevant technology to enhance learning;
  • Encourage students to use various college resources and support services to enhance their learning;
  • Help students develop flexible transferrable writing and critical thinking skills that can be applied across academic, professional, and public domains.