CAC Art Program


Central Arizona College offers a robust variety of studio art classes, including several levels of painting and drawing. The college offers several fine art history courses as well.

Visual artists often use painting, sculpting or illustration, and a wide assortment of materials, to communicate ideas and feelings as images and designs. Artists’ works may be realistic, impressionistic or abstract and represent a vast range of subjects.

When you begin studying art at the college or university level, you typically begin by focusing on the fundamentals of art. Most students learn about design and drawing first.

Central Arizona College goes beyond the fundamental classes with a wide offering, including ceramics at many levels, printmaking, two- and three-dimensional design, jewelry making, metal working, photography and computer-assisted graphic design..

Many students also enroll in art appreciation courses to fulfill the humanities requirement. These classes are designed for optimum student involvement with several hands-on activities taught by working artists. The majority of the courses offered in the Fine Arts department fulfill AGEC requirements and transfer to all Arizona Universities. Our faculty includes several nationally recognized artists.


Total Credits: 60-64
The Fine Arts A.A. Degree prepares students to transfer to a university B.A., B.F.A. or Bachelors of Teaching in the Arts degree program. Those seeking Art History or Museum Studies as majors may need additional foreign language courses.

General Education Requirements
AGEC-A (35-36)

Written Communications (6)
ENG101 English Composition III (3)
ENG102 English Composition IV (3)

Oral Communications (3)
Select an AGEC course.

For the following two categories, for each category select courses from different disciplines to total 15 credits.

Arts & Humanities (6-9)
Arts (3)
Fulfilled by the Studio Art Core Requirements.

Humanities (3)
Select an AGEC course.

Social and Behavioral Sciences (6-9)
Select AGEC courses from different disciplines.

Physical and Biological Sciences (8)
Select AGEC courses with a laboratory component.

Mathematics (3-4)
MAT141 College Mathematics, Standard (4) or higher

Subject Options (0-6)
Based on your major, review the specific A.A. Degree requirements in the CAC catalog, consult an academic advisor, and see the Transfer Guides at

Special Awareness Requirements (0-9)
Select courses from the AGEC list to fulfill these requirements.
1. At least three semester credits of coursework in Intensive Writing and Critical Inquiry
2. At least three semester credits of coursework in Cultural Awareness (Ethnic/Race/Gender) (Fulfilled by the Core Requirements)
3. At least three semester credits of coursework in Global/International Awareness or Historical Awareness (Fulfilled by the Core Requirements)

Note: Courses used in other areas, such as Oral Communications, Arts and Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, or Transfer Electives may also be used to satisfy requirements in the three Special Awareness Requirements categories. A course may not be used to satisfy more than one Special Awareness Requirements category.

Core Requirements (30)
ART101 Two Dimensional Design (3)
ART102 Three Dimensional Design (3)
ART107 Drawing I (3)
ART109 Color Theory (3)
ART207 Art History I (3)
ART208 Art History II (3)
MSC205 Portfolio Preparation (3)
Transferable Studio Electives (9)

Fulfillment of the Core Requirements may also fulfill the
AGEC-A Arts Requirements.

Select approved elective courses which transfer as “Elective or better” to all three AZ public universities to complete the required A.A. Degree credits.

Other Requirements (3)
Reading Competency: RDG094 College Reading

Computer Competency (3):
AGB124 Microcomputers in Agriculture
CIS110 Fundamentals of Computer Literacy or higher
Transferable Computer Competency course
(Consult the CEG.)

Other A.A. Degree Requirements
Some A.A. Degrees require up to 16 credits of a Second Language to demonstrate proficiency. Many four-year degrees require either a second semester or fourth semester level of a second language and strongly encourage students to complete this requirement at the community college prior to transfer.

Check your university catalog, Transfer Guides at or meet with an academic advisor. Students may demonstrate proficiency by completion of coursework and/or a proficiency test.

Students undecided about their major are encouraged to complete a fourth semester of a second language. CAC offers Spanish, French, Sign Language or other Foreign Languages and Literatures. Contact an academic advisor for assistance.

Students must earn:
• a grade of “C” or better in each A.A. degree required course.
• Students must earn a minimum of 20 credits from CAC which includes the AGEC-A requirements.
• This A.A. Degree requires 60-64 semester credits.

Signal Peak Campus
Sarah McLaughlin
Room: N106
Phone: 520-494-5084

Student Art Gallery

Student Art Gallery

It is also an important part of the education of the Students in the Visual and Performing Arts Department. Art is a method of communication, so the process is not complete until a work is presented to the Viewer. The Student Art Gallery helps our Students develop the skills to present their work professionally and effectively.

The Student Art Gallery is located in room N107 of the Sizer building
and is open from 8am to 6pm Monday through Thursday.

Fall 2017 Opening Dates

Wednesday, September 13th – 3pm to 4pm

Wednesday, October 11th – 3pm to 4pm

Wednesday, November 8th – 3pm to 4pm

Spring 2018 Opening Dates

Wednesday, February 14th – 3pm to 4pm

Wednesday, March 21st – 3pm to 4pm

Thursday, April 19th – Annual Student Art Opening in the Pence