Weekend College

Welcome to Weekend College…

  • Convenient class meeting times Friday evening 6pm to 9pm and Saturday morning 8:30am to 11:30am at CAC’s Corporate Center.
  • Based on a cohort model whereby students support each other as they progress as a group through the same classes.
  • All Weekend College classes readily transfer to UA, NAU, ASU, and most other universities (grades of C or better required).
  • Designed as a guided pathway that leads to ASU’s Organizational Leadership Bachelor’s degree offered at CAC’s Corporate Center.
  • Support services include: Personalized academic planning, financial aid, and career development.
  • Are you ready to start? Click on the “Getting Ready” tab below for more information.

Still have questions, please contact: weekendcollege@centralaz.edu or call 520-494-6603 (Monday-Thursday) or 520-494-6605 (Friday & Saturday).

Associate of Arts (A.A.) Degree (64 credit hours)

General Education Requirements and Electives:

Written Communication – 6 credit hours (ENG 101, ENG 102)

Oral Communication – 3 credit hours ( COM 263)

Social and Behavioral Sciences – 9 credit hours (PSY 101, BUS 123, BUS 190)

Physical and Biological Sciences – 8 credit hours (BIO 160, BIO 181)

Mathematics – 8 credit hours (MAT 118, MAT 141)

Intensive Writing and Critical Inquiry/Cultural Awareness – 3 credit hours (LIT 202)

Historical Awareness – 3 credit hours (HIS 101)

Computer Competency – 3 credit hours (CIS 120)

Elective Courses – 21 credit  hours

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