Course Outlines

Accounting (ACC)
Administration of Justice (AJS)
Agriculture Business (AGB)
Agriculture Science (AGS)
Animal Science (ANS)
Anthropology (ASB)
Archaeology (ARH)
Art (ART)
Astronomy (AST)
Automotive/Diesel (AUT)
Biology (BIO)
Business (BUS)
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
Chemistry (CHM)
Chinese (CHI)
Civil Technology (CET)
Community Public Health (CPH)
Computer Business Applications (CBA)
Computer Information Systems (CIS)
Communication Studies (COM)
Counseling/Personal Development (CPD)
Culinary Arts (CUL)
Diesel/Heavy Equipment (DIE)
Drafting (DFT)
Early Childhood Education (ECE)
Education (EDU)
Electricity (ELC)

Electronics (ELT)
Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Engineering (EGR)
English (ENG)
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Entertainment Industry Technology (EIT)
Environmental Science (ENV)
Fire Science Technology (FSC)
General Education Development (HSE)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Geography (GEO)
Geology (GLG)
Health Careers Center (HCC)
Health Information Management (HIM)
Health Knowledge and Skills (HKS)
Health Patient Management (HPM)
Heavy Equipment Operations (HEO)
High School Equivalency (HSE)
History (HIS)
Honors (HNR)
Hospitality Management (HRM)
Humanities: Communications (HMC)
Humanities: Social and Behavioral (HMS)
Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS)
Licensed Massage Therapy (LMT)
Literature (LIT)
Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MET)

Mass Communications (MSC)
Mathematics (MAT)
Music History and Literature (MHL)
Music Performance (MUP)
Music Theory and Composition (MTC)
Nursing (NUR)
Nutrition/Dietetics (NTR)
Office Automation Systems (OAS)
Pharmacy Technician (PHT)
Philosophy (PHI)
Physical Education (PED)
Physical Education Activity (PAC)
Physical Education Health (PEH)
Physical Education Varsity Sports (PEV)
Physics (PHY)
Political Science (POS)
Psychology (PSY)
Radiology (RAD)
Reading (RDG)
Recreation (REC)
Renewable Energy Technology (RET)
Sign Language (SLG)
Social Work Undergraduate (SWU)
Sociology (SOC)
Spanish (SPA)
Theater (THE)
Welding (WLD)
Women and Gender Studies (WGS)

ACC100 Fundamentals of Accounting
ACC121 Income Tax Fundamentals
ACC201 Financial Accounting
ACC202 Managerial Accounting
ACC222 Payroll Accounting
ACC226 Accounting with QuickBooks Pro®
ACC227 Accounting with Sage 50 Complete®

AJS101 Introduction to Administration of Justice
AJS110 Public Safety Dispatch Education and Training
AJS123 Ethics and the Administration of Justice
AJS140 Communications in Law Enforcement
AJS209 Substantive Criminal Law
AJS210 Constitutional Law
AJS212 Juvenile Justice Procedures
AJS222 Criminalistics
AJS224 Police Administration
AJS225 Criminology
AJS230 The Police Function
AJS240 The Corrections Function
AJS260 Procedural Criminal Law
AJS270 Community Relations
AJS275 Criminal Investigations

AGB100 Introduction to Agriculture Business
AGB121 Fundamentals of Agricultural and Environmental Economics
AGB123 Agriculture Accounting
AGB124 Microcomputers in Agriculture
AGB130 Agricultural Leadership
AGB213 Introduction to Agricultural Commodity and Food Marketing
AGB225 Agriculture Business Analysis
AGB234 Agricultural Leadership Development

AGS101 World of Plants
AGS104 Agricultural Environmental Science
AGS106 Entomology
AGS110 Agricultural Mechanics I
AGS122 Natural Resources and Conservation
AGS140 Agricultural Mechanics II
AGS195A Careers in Environmental Science
AGS196 Agriculture Internship
AGS204 Environmental Sustainability
AGS221 Soil Science
AGS235 Principles of Sonoran Horticulture
AGS240 Plant Biology
AGS296 Agriculture Internship

ANS101 Animal Industry
ANS102 Horsemanship I
ANS104 Human and Animal Interrelationships from Domestication to Present
ANS110 Horse Event Production
ANS111 Horseshoeing I
ANS121 Equine Facility Management I
ANS122 Equine Facilities Management II
ANS131 Equine Behavior and Training I
ANS172 Introduction to Western Horsemanship
ANS195 Careers in Veterinary Science
ANS200 Introduction to Equine Science
ANS202 Horsemanship II
ANS211 Advanced Horseshoeing
ANS213 Animal Genetics
ANS215 Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals
ANS216 Equine Anatomy and Physiology
ANS220 Artificial Insemination
ANS223 Advanced Equine Training
ANS226 Feeds and Feeding
ANS231 Equine Behavior and Training II

ASB100 Anthropology and You
ASB101 Physical Anthropology and Archaeology: Bones, Stones and Human Evolution
ASB102 Cultural Anthropology
ASB201 Indians of the Southwest
ASB203 Introduction to the Principles of Human Rights

ARH200 Principles of Archaeology

ART100 Art Appreciation
ART101 Two-Dimensional Design
ART102 Three-Dimensional Design
ART103 Beginning Jewelry and Metalwork
ART104 Advanced Jewelry and Metalwork
ART105 Ceramics I
ART106 Ceramics II
ART107 Drawing I
ART108 Intermediate Drawing
ART109 Color Theory
ART201 Painting I
ART202 Painting II
ART203 Life Drawing I
ART204 Watercolor I
ART205 Intermediate Painting
ART206 Portrait Drawing
ART207 Art History I
ART208 Art History II
ART209 Visual Art, Music and Learning
ART213 Life Drawing II
ART215 Printmaking
ART220 Character Design and Modeling
ART221 Sequential Art and Visual Narrative

AST101 Survey of Astronomy

AUT121 Auto Body Repairing and Refinishing I
AUT122 Auto Body Repairing and Refinishing II

BIO100 Biology Concepts
BIO109 Natural History of the Southwest
BIO156 Human Biology for Allied Health
BIO160 Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIO181 General Biology I
BIO182 General Biology II
BIO201 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO202 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO205 Microbiology
BIO206 Biotechnology Instrumentation I
BIO207 Biotechnology Instrumentation II
BIO240 General Genetics
BIO299 Introduction to Co-Op: Biotechnology Internship

BUS100 Introduction to Business
BUS101 Business Mathematics
BUS120 Personal Money Management
BUS122 Small Business Management
BUS123 Business Relations
BUS180 Introduction to Marketing
BUS190 Principles of Management and Leadership
BUS196 Applied Business Internship
BUS201 Legal Environment of Business
BUS207 Business Communications
BUS208 Business Statistics
BUS220 Retail Management
BUS250 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BUS250A Entrepreneurship – Introduction
BUS250B Entrepreneurship – Market Planning
BUS250C Entrepreneurship – Financial Planning
BUS250D Entrepreneurship – The Business Plan
BUS260 Applied Business Seminar
BUS292 Fundamentals of Logistics – Organizational Management

CNA125 Nursing Assistant
CNA125A Nursing Assistant Advanced Placement

CHM130 Fundamental Chemistry
CHM138 Chemistry for Allied Health with Lab
CHM151 General Chemistry I
CHM152 General Chemistry II
CHM235 General Organic Chemistry I
CHM236 General Organic Chemistry II

CHI101 Elementary Chinese I
CHI102 Elementary Chinese II
CHI115 Conversational Chinese for Non-Native Speakers

CET101 Introduction to Surveying for Heavy Equipment Operators
CET125 Introduction to Earthmoving Methods and Operations
CET221 Basic Surveying and Grade Staking

CPH160 Introduction to Community Health Worker
CPH178 Personal Health and Community Wellness
CPH180 Chronic Disease Management
CPH185 Health Communication
CPH190 Exercise, Nutrition and Behavior: An Integrated Approach to Health
CPH196 Community Health Worker Internship
CPH200 Community and Public Health

CBA102A Workshop for MS Word
CBA110A Computers for Beginners
CBA110C MS Windows Basic
CBA111A Internet
CBA112A MS Word Basic
CBA112B MS Word Intermediate
CBA112C MS Word Advanced
CBA113A MS Excel Basic
CBA113B MS Excel Intermediate
CBA113C MS Excel Advanced
CBA114A MS Access Basic
CBA114B MS Access Intermediate
CBA114C MS Access Advanced
CBA116A MS PowerPoint Basic
CBA116B MS PowerPoint Advanced
CBA117A MS Publisher Basic
CBA117B MS Publisher Intermediate
CBA118 MS Outlook
CBA122A MS Word Module 1
CBA122B MS Word Module 2
CBA133A Spreadsheet Applications in Excel
CBA133B Advanced Spreadsheet Applications in Excel
CBA134A Database Management in Access
CBA134B Advanced Database Management in Access
CBA212 Adobe Flash Animation

CIS110 Fundamentals of Computer Literacy
CIS111 Introduction to the Internet
CIS112 Web Design Fundamentals with HTML
CIS113 E-Commerce and Social Media
CIS114 Web Development Tools
CIS120 Survey of Computer Information Systems
CIS121 Microcomputer Operating System Fundamentals
CIS123 Introduction to Programming
CIS130 Networking Essentials
CIS135 Principles of Telephony and Telecommunications
CIS150 Windows Server
CIS152 Windows Network Infrastructure
CIS153 Network Security
CIS157 Computer Forensics and Investigation
CIS170 JavaScript Programming
CIS172 Fundamentals of Ruby Programming
CIS176 Python Programming
CIS178 Database Fundamentals and Programming
CIS181 C# .NET
CIS210 Cloud Computing
CIS213 Linux Server
CIS214 Application Development in Excel
CIS216 Java Programming
CIS217 Application Development in Access
CIS218 C++ Programming
CIS219 Exchange Server
CIS220 Security for Wireless Networks
CIS231 Introduction to Data Structures
CIS232 Advanced Web Development with Game Programming
CIS233 Web Application Development Using PHP
CIS235 Oracle Forms and Reports

COM100 Fundamentals of Human Communication
COM101 Interpersonal Communication
COM202 Small Group Communication
COM206 Public Speaking
COM207 Introduction to Communication Inquiry
COM259 Professional Communication
COM263 Intercultural Communication
COM275 Communication Studies Capstone

CPD101 Orientation to Student Development
CPD110 Transition to College and Career
CPD120 Career Awareness
CPD125 Portfolio of Prior Learning
CPD164 Research Skills in the Digital Age
CPD220 Student Success Capstone

CUL105 Food Safety Foundations
CUL108 Culinary Boot Camp
CUL110 Asian Cuisine
CUL112 Italian Cuisine
CUL114 Mexican and Latin American Cuisine
CUL116 French Cuisine
CUL118 Native American and Southwest Cuisine
CUL121 Culinary Concepts
CUL122 Culinary Culture Seminar
CUL125 Sustainable Food Practices
CUL130 Culinary Principles and Applications I
CUL142 Applied Food Science
CUL160 Baking and Pastry I
CUL161 Cake Decorating
CUL162 Cakes, Fillings, and Frostings
CUL170 Dining and Beverage Operations
CUL185 Catering Operations
CUL205 HACCP Principles
CUL230 Culinary Principles and Applications II
CUL260 Baking and Pastry II
CUL261 Advanced Cake Decorating
CUL262 Specialty and Wedding Cakes
CUL263 Everything Chocolate
CUL264 Confectionary Show Pieces
CUL265 Artisan and Specialty Breads
CUL266 Advanced Pastry
CUL268 Nutrition for Culinary Arts
CUL290 Commercial Cooking Practicum
CUL292 Study Abroad: Italian Cuisine and Culture

DIE110 Introduction to Diesel Engines and Fuel Systems
DIE111 Introduction to Electricity and Electronics
DIE133 Diesel Power Trains
DIE196 Diesel Equipment Technology and HEO Internship I
DIE210 Advanced Diesel Engines and Fuel Systems
DIE211 Advanced Electrical/Electronic Systems
DIE212 Advanced Mobile Hydraulics
DIE214 Advanced Power Train Repair and Diagnostics
DIE215 Diesel Electrical/Electronic Systems
DIE216 Diesel Hydraulic Systems
DIE222 Mobile Refrigeration
DIE296 Diesel Equipment Technology and HEO Internship II

DFT127 AutoCAD I
DFT130 Advanced Computer Aided Drafting Applications

ECE101 Introduction to the Child Care Profession
ECE105 Foundations of Early Childhood Education
ECE109 CDA Portfolio Preparation
ECE110 Health, Safety, and Nutrition
ECE116 Effective Interactions and Guidance
ECE124 Active Learning in Math and Science
ECE128A Environments for Infants and Toddlers
ECE129B Observation Skills in the Infant and Toddler Program
ECE129C Recordkeeping Skills: Infant and Toddler Programs
ECE183 Curriculum and Learning Materials for Infants
ECE184 Curriculum and Learning Materials for Toddlers
ECE216 Early Childhood Observation and Assessment
ECE226A Cognitive Development of Infants and Toddlers
ECE226C Language Development of Infants and Toddlers
ECE227B Guidance of Infants and Toddlers
ECE227C Enhancing Social Competency of Infants and Toddlers
ECE228B Physical Development in Infancy/Toddlerhood
ECE229 Early Childhood Practicum
ECE254 Emergent Language and Literacy
ECE257 Family Child Care Management
ECE271 Creating Early Childhood Environments

EDU221 Introduction to Education
EDU222 Introduction to Special Education
EDU225 Relationships in the Classroom
EDU228 Behavior Management
EDU230 Cultural Values in Education
EDU233 Global Issues in Education
EDU240 Structured English Immersion

ELC122 Direct Current and Alternating Current Circuit Analysis
ELC126 Residential Wiring
ELC128 Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers
ELC200 Radio Frequency RF/High Vacuum HV
ELC220 Active Circuits
ELC221 Control Devices
ELC222 Active Circuits and Systems
ELC223 Integrated Circuit Devices
ELC228 Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers
ELC251 Instrumentation

ELT128 FPGA Fundamentals
ELT130 Computer Upgrades and Operating Systems I
ELT223 Microcontroller Fundamentals
ELT260 Advanced FPGA Concepts
ELT265 MicroBlaze1
ELT270 MicroBlaze2
ELT275 Embedded Fundamentals

EMS100 CPR for Professionals
EMS101 First Care
EMS123 Emergency Medical Responder
EMS125 Emergency Medical Technician
EMS190 Pediatric Advanced Life Support
EMS191 Neonatal Resuscitation Program
EMS200 Basic EMT Refresher
EMS201 Basic EMT Renewal Challenge
EMS208 Advanced Emergency Medical Technician
EMS235 Emergency Cardiac Care
EMS236 Pharmacology in an Emergency Setting
EMS240 Advanced Cardiac Life Support
EMS241 Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Refresher
EMS242 Advanced Life Support Refresher Course
EMS245 Pre-Hospital Trauma Management/PHTLS
EMS255 Instructional Strategies for EMT Instructors
EMS272A Advanced Emergency Medical Technology/Paramedic, Module I
EMS272B Advanced Emergency Medical Technology/Paramedic, Module II
EMS272C Advanced Emergency Medical Technology/Paramedic, Module III
EMS272D Advanced Emergency Medical Technology/Paramedic, Practicum I
EMS272E Advanced Emergency Medical Technology/Paramedic, Practicum II
EMS275 Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Program (CCEMTP)

EGR090 STEM Learning Success
EGR102 Introduction to Engineering
EGR105 Beginning MATLAB Programming
EGR110 Intermediate MATLAB Programming
EGR116 Introduction to Python Programming
EGR120 Digital Design Fundamentals
EGR121 STEM Simulation Programming
EGR201 Statics
EGR202 Dynamics
EGR222 Circuits I

ENG090 English Composition I
ENG100 English Composition II
ENG101 English Composition III
ENG102 English Composition IV
ENG121 Applied Technical Writing
ENG200 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG203 Advanced Composition
ENG210 Introduction to Fiction Writing
ENG215 Introduction to Poetry Writing
ENG230 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Writing

ESL089 ESL Multi-level Studies

EIT100 History of Rock n’ Roll
EIT101 Introduction to Entertainment
EIT120 Entertainment Law
EIT130 Live Audio Production I
EIT140 Introduction to Lighting
EIT151 Digital Audio Workstation
EIT153 Recording Engineering I
EIT170 Performance Skills
EIT171 Songwriting I
EIT203 Entertainment Capstone Project
EIT221 Entertainment Marketing and Promotion
EIT222 Artist Management
EIT223 Events/Venue Management
EIT231 Live Audio Production II
EIT232 Equipment Maintenance
EIT241 Concert Lighting
EIT242 Rigging
EIT254 Recording Engineering II
EIT255 Recording Engineering III
EIT261 Acting for the Camera
EIT272 Songwriting II
EIT296 Entertainment Internship

ENV101 Environmental Science

FSC106 Introduction to Emergency Services
FSC108 Fundamentals of Fire Prevention
FSC109 Fire Protection Systems
FSC110 Fire & Emergency Services Safety & Survival
FSC111 Emergency Driver Operator
FSC117 Fire Apparatus and Equipment
FSC118 Fire Hydraulics
FSC119 Fire Service Ethics
FSC126 Urban Technical Rescue: Rope Rescue I
FSC129 Hazardous Materials Awareness/Operations
FSC130 Fitness for Firefighters/CPAT
FSC134 Fitness & Conditioning for Firefighters
FSC140 Firefighter I and II
FSC180 Wildland Fire, Module I
FSC181 NWCG S-131 Advanced Firefighter Training
FSC182 NWCG S211 Portable Pumps and Water Use
FSC183 NWCG S212 Wildland Power Saws
FSC185 NWCG Basic Incident Command System, I-200
FSC186 NWCG Crew Boss (Single Resource), S-230
FSC187 NWCG Engine Boss (Single Resource), S-231
FSC188 NWCG Ignition Operations, S-234
FSC189 NWCG Interagency Incident Business Management, S-260/S-261
FSC190 NWCG Basic Air Operations, S-270
FSC191 NWCG Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior, S-290
FSC192 Initial Attack Incident Commander
FSC193 NWCG L-280 Followership to Leadership
FSC202 Supervisory Training for Firefighters
FSC203 Fire Operations in the Wildland/ Urban Interface
FSC204 Firefighting Tactics and Strategy
FSC205 Command Strategies for Major Emergencies
FSC206 Fire Department Health and Safety Officer
FSC208 Building Construction for the Fire Service
FSC209 Fire Origin, Cause & Determination
FSC220 Fire Officer Leadership
FSC238 Vehicular Extrication and Victim Stabilization
FSC250 Ladder Company Officer
FSC252 Engine Company Officer
FSC255 Fire Instructor I
FSC256 Fire and Emergency Services Instructor II

GENERAL EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT – Now known as High School Equivalency (HSE)
HSE089 High School Equivalency Multi-level Studies
HSE092 HSE Math

GIS101 Introduction to Geographic Information Technologies
GIS102 Map and Image Interpretation
GIS111 Introduction to GIS
GIS112 Intermediate GIS
GIS113 Advanced GIS
GIS150 GIS and Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
GIS196 GIS Internship I
GIS210 GIS Programming
GIS230 Applied GIS: The Environment
GIS231 Applied GIS: Transportation Systems
GIS232 Applied GIS: Communities
GIS250 Remote Sensing I
GIS251 Remote Sensing II
GIS296 GIS Internship II
GIS299 GIS Research Methods

GEO101 Introduction to Cultural and Historical Geography
GEO111 Introduction to Physical Geography

GLG101 Physical Geology
GLG102 Historical Geology
GLG110 Geologic Hazards and Disasters

HCC100 Introduction to Healthcare
HCC103 Introduction to Medical Terminology
HCC111 Healthcare Law and Ethics
HCC112 Interpersonal Skills
HCC113 Math and Dosage Calculations for Health Occupations
HCC116 Medical Terminology

HIM115 Health Information Technology
HIM117 Health Information Technology II
HIM121 Legal Aspects of Health Information
HIM131 Introduction to Insurance and Insurance Billing I
HIM138 ICD Coding
HIM158 CPT Coding
HIM160 Healthcare Data Management
HIM161 Introduction to Insurance and Insurance Billing II
HIM175I Coding and Reimbursement Practicum
HIM200 Healthcare Reimbursement
HIM205 Healthcare Statistics and Research
HIM208 Advanced Coding
HIM210 Supervision and Quality
HIM215 Health Information Systems
HIM275Q Health Information Technology Practicum

HKS155 Introduction to Phlebotomy
HKS255 Phlebotomy Practicum

HPM140 Medical Assisting Skills I
HPM141 Medical Assisting Skills II
HPM162 Basic Pharmacology for Health Occupations
HPM169 Clinical Laboratory Assistant Basics I
HPM170 Clinical Laboratory Assistant Basics II
HPM171 Administrative Medical Procedures
HPM173 Pathophysiology
HPM175C Medical Assistant Degree Practicum
HPM175P Clinical Laboratory Assistant Practicum

HEO100 Introduction to Heavy Equipment Operations
HEO118 Forklifts, Rigging, and Hoisting Training
HEO121 Heavy Equipment Operations Core
HEO122 Heavy Equipment Operations I
HEO127 Heavy Equipment Reconditioning
HEO128 Diesel Equipment Service and Repair
HEO221 Heavy Equipment Operations II
HEO222 Heavy Equipment Operations III
HEO223 Commercial Driver License Preparation
HEO225 Preventive Maintenance

HIGH SCHOOL EQUIVALENCY – Previously known as General Education Development (GED)
HSE089 High School Equivalency Multi-level Studies
HSE092 HSE Math

HIS101 United States History I
HIS102 United States History II
HIS103 History of Western Civilization I
HIS104 History of Western Civilization II
HIS105 Arizona History
HIS106 Mexican-American History
HIS107 African-American History I
HIS108 Eastern Civilization – Beginnings to 1850
HIS201 Women in United States History
HIS208 Eastern Civilization – 1850 to Modern Times

HNR201 Honors Seminar I
HNR202 Honors Seminar II
HNR203 Honors Seminar III
HNR204 Honors Colloquium I
HNR205 Honors Colloquium II
HNR255 Leadership Development

HRM100 Introduction to Hospitality
HRM101 Facilities Management
HRM102 Management of Guest Services
HRM103 Managing Food Service Operations
HRM145 Convention and Meeting Management
HRM252 Managing Hospitality Human Resources

HMC200 Comparative Cultures and Society
HMC201 International Travel Experience
HMC210 Classical Mythology & Western Art
HMC250 Humanities in the Western World I
HMC251 Humanities in the Western World II
HMC252 Humanities in the Western World III

HMS100 Introduction to SociaI Behavioral Science

IDS100 Service Learning I

LMT136 Business Skills for Massage Therapy
LMT150 Chiropractic Assistant Training
LMT151 Study of Acupuncture for Healthcare Professionals
LMT152 Study of Physiotherapy for Healthcare Professionals
LMT154 Complementary and Alternative Medicine
LMT160 Applied Anatomy for Massage Therapy
LMT175L Practicum – Massage Therapy –Relaxation Massage
LMT175M Practicum – Massage Therapy – Therapeutic Massage
LMT175N Practicum – Massage Therapy for Special Populations
LMT175O Practicum – Massage Therapy (Spa/Hydrotherapy)
LMT180 Therapeutic Massage I
LMT181 Therapeutic Massage II
LMT280 Therapeutic Massage III
LMT281 Therapeutic Massage IV
LMT282 Therapeutic Massage V

LIT101 Introduction to Literature
LIT201 American Literature I
LIT202 American Literature II
LIT203 English Literature I
LIT204 English Literature II
LIT206 World Literature
LIT232 African American Literature
LIT233 American Ethnic Literature
LIT234 U.S. Latinx Literature and Culture
LIT254A Literature and Film
LIT254B Literature and Film
LIT256 Science Fiction Literature and Film
LIT266 Cultural Narratives in Comics and Graphic Novels
LIT267 Introduction to Shakespeare
LIT278 Native American Literature and Culture
LIT291 Children’s Literature for Educators

MET102 Machine Processing, Theory and Application
MET106 Industrial Safety
MET110 Introduction to Quality Assurance
MET115 Employment Readiness
MET125 Principles of Fabrication
MET127 Manufacturing Process and Materials
MET131 Lean Manufacturing
MET132 Fluid Power Hydraulics -Pneumatics
MET150 VB.NET for Engineering
MET206 CNC Programming
MET207 CNC Mill: Operator Training I
MET208 CNC Lathe: Operator Training I
MET209 CNC Mill: Operator Training II
MET210 CNC Lathe: Operator Training II
MET215 Measurement Systems and Machine Tool Math
MET216 Properties of Materials
MET221 Electro-Mechanical Technology
MET226 Electro-Mechanical Systems
MET227 Advanced Machine Tools
MET230 Semiconductor I Seminar
MET232 Solids Modeling – SolidWorks
MET233 Materials and Metal Cutting
MET234 Drill Press Operations
MET235 Vertical Mill Machining
MET236 Lathe Operations
MET240 DeviceNet
MET245 Variable Frequency Drive
MET250 Factory Talk
MET261 LabVIEW I Programming
MET262 LabVIEW 2 Programming
MET263 LabVIEW 3 Programming
MET264 LabVIEW FPGA Applications
MET265 LabVIEW Overview
MET290 Material, Safety and Equipment Overview for Nanotechnology
MET291 Basic Nanotechnology Processes
MET292 Materials in Nanotechnology
MET293 Patterning for Nanotechnology
MET294 Materials Modification in Nanotechnology
MET295 Characterization, Testing of Nanotechnology Structures and Materials

MSC101 Media and Society
MSC102 Writing for the Print Media I
MSC110 Publications
MSC120 Graphic Design and Adobe InDesign
MSC122 Introduction to Web Design
MSC123 Designing with Type
MSC125 Introduction to Illustrator
MSC130 Digital Photography and Photoshop
MSC205 Portfolio Preparation
MSC220 Advanced Graphic Design
MSC230 Advanced Digital Photography and Adobe Photoshop

MAT082 Basic Arithmetic
MAT086 Pre-Algebra
MAT089 Excursions in Mathematics
MAT089A Excursions in Mathematics – A
MAT090 Math Help 911
MAT092 Introductory Algebra
MAT099 Math Help 411
MAT106 Technical Math I
MAT118 Essential Mathematics
MAT121 Intermediate Algebra, Standard
MAT122 Intermediate Algebra, Accelerated
MAT141 College Mathematics, Standard
MAT151 College Algebra, Standard
MAT162 Applied Statistics
MAT182 Trigonometry with Algebra Review
MAT187 Pre-Calculus
MAT201 Math for Elementary Teachers I- Number, Operations and Numerical Systems
MAT202 Math for Elementary Teachers II– Geometry, Measurement and Visualization
MAT211 Brief Calculus, Standard
MAT212 Brief Calculus, Accelerated
MAT215 Math for Business Analysis
MAT221 Analytical Geometry and Calculus I
MAT231 Analytical Geometry and Calculus II
MAT241 Analytical Geometry and Calculus III
MAT242 Elementary Linear Algebra
MAT262 Ordinary Differential Equations
MAT275 Modern Differential Equations

MHL100 Music Appreciation
MHL207 Survey of Jazz/Popular Music
MHL209 Visual Art, Music and Learning

MUP104 Concert Choir
MUP105 Voice Class
MUP107 Band
MUP109B Private Instruction: Brass
MUP109D Private Instruction: Percussion
MUP109G Private Instruction: Guitar/Bass Guitar
MUP109P Private Instruction: Piano Keyboard
MUP109V Private Instruction: Voice
MUP109W Private Instruction: Woodwind
MUP110 Piano Class
MUP112 Jazz Ensemble
MUP117 Desert Dissonance (Jazz Choir)
MUP118 Handbell Choir
MUP119 Theater Workshop: Drama

MTC100 Music Fundamentals
MTC101 Aural Fundamentals
MTC102 Theory of Music I
MTC103 Aural Skills I
MTC204 Theory of Music II
MTC205 Aural Skills II

NUR121 Introduction to Nursing Transitions
NUR122 Nursing in Health Illness Transitions
NUR126 Principles and Application of Drug Dosage Calculations
NUR145 Pathopharmacology
NUR150 Nursing Professional Transitions
NUR200 Advanced Medical Terminology for Clinical Nurses
NUR221 Nursing in Developmental Transitions
NUR222 Nursing in Organizational Transitions

NTR100 Contemporary Issues
NTR104 Nutrition
NTR104L Personal Wellness Lab
NTR105 ServSafe Certification
NTR123 Nutrition throughout the Life Cycle
NTR127 Breastfeeding and Human Lactation
NTR129 Introduction to Healthcare for Nutrition Professionals
NTR130 Type 2 Diabetes: A Quick Start Guide
NTR131 Introduction to Diabetes
NTR134 Healthy Weight for Kids
NTR135 Healthy Weight for Adults
NTR136 Management of Gestational Diabetes
NTR137 Carbohydrate Counting
NTR141 Nutrition and Wellness
NTR142 Applied Food Science
NTR150 Overview of Nutrition Professions
NTR156 Foundations of Dietary Manager Internship
NTR157 Foundations of Dietetic Technician Internship
NTR163 Orientation to Dietetic Technician Program
NTR191 Nutrition Counseling Skill Development
NTR196 Dietary Manager Internship
NTR200 Human Nutrition
NTR201 Nutrition Literacy
NTR219 Community Nutrition
NTR222 Nutrition Assessment and Medical Nutrition Therapy
NTR223 Food Service Management
NTR232A Food and Culture
NTR240 Clinical Nutrition
NTR247 Weight Management Theory
NTR255 Nutrition Medical Terminology, Labs, & Food Drug Interaction
NTR257 Food Allergies and Intolerances
NTR258 Gastrointestinal Nutrition
NTR259 Popular Dietary Supplements
NTR272 Breastfeeding Counselor
NTR295 Dietetic Technician Professional Practice Internship
NTR296 Dietetic Technician Internship

OAS101 Keyboard – Alphabetic
OAS103 Keyboard – Speed/Accuracy
OAS104 Ten-Key Pad

PHT105 Pharmacy Techniques
PHT105LL Pharmacy Techniques Lab
PHT164 Pharmacy Certification Review
PHT175 Practicum – Pharmacy Technician

PHI101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI103 Introduction to Logic
PHI105 Introduction to Ethics
PHI112 World Religions

PED100 History and Philosophical Foundations of Sport and Physical Education
PED101 History of Intercollegiate Athletics
PED102 The Management of Sport
PED103 Foundations of Exercise
PED104 Anatomical Kinesiology
PED105 Women and Sport in the U.S.
PED112 Introduction to Strength Training
PED114 Introduction to Coaching
PED115 Coaching Methods I
PED215 Coaching Methods II

PAC101K Basic and Beginning Techniques of Yoga
PAC102J Intermediate Weight Training
PAC102K Intermediate Yoga and Fitness
PAC105 Physical Fitness: Core Emphasis
PAC106 Aerobics and Weight Training
PAC107 Zumba® Toning
PAC108 Zumba®
PAC110 Aqua Zumba®
PAC113 Total Body Conditioning
PAC121 Theory and Practice of Basketball I
PAC122 Theory and Practice of Baseball I
PAC123 Theory & Practice of Track & Field I
PAC125 Theory and Practice of Softball I
PAC126 Theory and Practice of Cross-Country I
PAC127 Theory and Practice of Volleyball I
PAC221 Theory and Practice of Basketball II
PAC222 Theory and Practice of Baseball II
PAC223 Theory and Practice of Track and Field II
PAC225 Theory and Practice of Softball II
PAC226 Theory and Practice of Cross Country II
PAC227 Theory and Practice of Volleyball II

PEH101 Personal Health
PEH102 First Aid/CPR
PEH111 Nutrition for Health, Fitness and Sport
PEH200 Sports Safety Training

PEV110 Rodeo Sports Events I
PEV201 Varsity Basketball I
PEV202 Varsity Baseball I
PEV203 Varsity Track and Field I
PEV205 Varsity Softball I
PEV206 Varsity Cross-Country I
PEV207 Varsity Volleyball I
PEV211 Varsity Basketball II
PEV212 Varsity Baseball II
PEV213 Varsity Track and Field II
PEV215 Varsity Softball II
PEV216 Varsity Cross Country II
PEV217 Varsity Volleyball II

PHY100 Physical Universe
PHY111 College Physics I
PHY112 College Physics II
PHY121 University Physics I: Mechanics
PHY122 University Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism
PHY223 University Physics III: Thermodynamics, Optics and Waves

POS101 American Politics
POS103 Arizona Constitutional Government
POS104 Contemporary Issues in World Politics
POS105 U.S. Constitution
POS220 U.S. and Arizona Constitutions

PSY101 Introduction to Psychology
PSY200 Social Psychology
PSY202 Psychology of Abnormality
PSY203 Developmental Psychology
PSY205 Personality and Social Adjustment
PSY230 Introduction to Statistics
PSY277 Human Sexuality

RAD100 Fundamentals of Radiologic Science and Healthcare
RAD110 Radiographic Positioning I Lecture
RAD110LB Radiographic Positioning I Lab
RAD120 Principles of Radiographic Exposure I
RAD130 Patient Care in Radiologic Science
RAD140 Practicum I
RAD150 Radiation Physics I
RAD160 Radiographic Positioning II Lecture
RAD160LB Radiographic Positioning II Lab
RAD170 Principles of Radiographic Exposure II
RAD180 Practicum II
RAD200 Practicum III
RAD210 Radiation Physics II
RAD230 Radiobiology and Radiation Protection
RAD240 Practicum IV
RAD250 Pharmacology and Venipuncture
RAD260 Radiographic Pathology
RAD270 Advanced Imaging
RAD280 Registry Review
RAD290 Practicum V

RDG091 Reading Essentials
RDG100 College Reading

REC101 Recreation, Leisure and the Quality of Life
REC102 Leisure and Society
REC108 Recreation Practicum
REC203 Leisure Delivery Systems
REC250 Leadership in Recreation

RET275 Biodiesel Production and Design

SLG101 American Sign Language I
SLG102 American Sign Language II
SLG201 American Sign Language III
SLG202 American Sign Language IV

SWU171 Introduction to Social Work
SWU242 Introduction to Child Welfare Service in a Diverse World
SWU250 Mindfulness for Stress Management
SWU291 Social Service Delivery
SWU295 Foundations of Social Work Practice: Effective Helping in a Diverse World

SOC101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC200 Racial and Ethnic Minorities
SOC202 Contemporary Social Problems
SOC203 Marriage and the Family
SOC212 Gender in Society
SOC250 Family Violence

SPA101 Elementary Spanish I
SPA102 Elementary Spanish II
SPA115 Conversational Spanish I
SPA117 Latin American Culture and Spanish Conversation I
SPA118 Latin American Culture and Spanish Conversation II
SPA201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPA202 Intermediate Spanish II

THE100 Theater Appreciation
THE115 Introduction to Cinema
THE116 Contemporary Cinema

WLD110 Survey of Welding Processes
WLD120 Oxy-Acetylene Welding
WLD121 Shielded Metal Arc Welding I
WLD122 Shielded Metal Arc Welding II
WLD124 Shielded Metal Arc Welding II
WLD125 Pipe Welding I
WLD128 Blueprint Reading for Welders
WLD135 Pipe Welding 2
WLD196 Welding Technology Internship
WLD221 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
WLD222 Gas Metal Arc Welding
WLD223 Automatic Welding Processes I
WLD224 Flux Cored Arc Welding II
WLD225 Shielded Metal Arc Welding III
WLD227 Welding Design and Fabrication
WLD228 Welding Inspection Technology
WLD245 Pipe Welding 3
WLD255 Pipe Welding 4

WGS100 Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies

Course Modalities – Definitions

Central Arizona College offers classes in a variety of modalities and formats including on-site, face-to-face, hybrid, online, interactive television, open entry/closed exit and accelerated. While assignments and methods vary, all classes, regardless of modality or format, hold students to the same rigorous, high academic standards. The Class Schedule indicates the delivery format of a class. Students are responsible for understanding the methods and expectations of the format for each course prior to the first day of class.

Accelerated = Course is compressed into shorter sessions.

Face to Face = Instructors interact with students in the same physical space for 75% or more of the instructional time.

Hybrid =
*Face to Face/Online: Instructors interact with students in the same physical space for less than 75% of the instructional time with the remainder of the instructional time provided through online education.
*Face to Face/Interactive Television: Instructors interact with students in the same physical space for less than 75% of the instructional time with the remainder of the instructional time provided through interactive television education.

Interactive Television = Courses consisting of individuals or groups in more than one location. The instructor and students interact through a two-way broadcast. Each of Central Arizona College’s sites have specially equipped distance learning (DL) classrooms that can accommodate this type of broadcast.

Online = Credit-granting education or training courses delivered to remote (off-campus) location(s) via audio, video, or computer technologies, such as the Internet. Includes both synchronous and asynchronous instruction.

Online/Interactive Television =  Course content is partially delivered to remote (off-campus) location(s) via audio, video, or computer technologies, such as the Internet, and partially delivered through a two-way broadcast between specially equipped distance learning (DL) classrooms that can accommodate this type of broadcast.

Online/Synch = Courses delivered synchronously to remote (off-campus) location(s) via audio, video, or computer technologies, such as the Internet.

On-site = Courses delivered at a Central Arizona College Campus or Center.

Open Entry/Closed Exit = Course content is made available on a specific date and remains available until a specific end date. Students may work at their own pace within that time frame.