This form is not ready for use. Please continue to use the existing TRF form on the Academic Testing Page.

Test Request Form

Request for Test Proctoring

  1. Notify student(s) of the following:
    • Test availability, deadline, and allotted time
    • Testing center locations, hours, and phone numbers
    • Make appointments 3 to 4 days in advance
  2. The following must be completed before the testing center staff may proctor the test. Please fill out this form and submit.

Additional Instructions for Paper Tests

  1. Instructor must provide a separate copy of each test, for each student. Please send your test in a timely manner, and call the testing center to make certain the test is ready for your students. You may need to poll your students to determine which site each student will be using.
  2. Please include the course name, CRN, test name, and instructors name on the test and materials.

Please complete the following:

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