Using Blackboard

Submitting an Assignment using the Assignment Manager

Many instructors use the Blackboard Assignment Manager as the method of turning in assignments in their class.  The Assignment Manager can be confusing at first but many students prefer this method.  When using the Assignment Manager, assignments are turned in directly to the gradebook and students receive instant feedback that the assignment has been received.

  1. Log in to Blackboard.  Under “My Courses” click on the name of the class you wish to access.
  2. In the Course Menu, open the content area which contains the assignment – usually the “Assignments” button or the “Course Documents” button.
  3. Locate the Assignment you need to complete.  Click on the name of the assignment to open the Assignment Manager.
  4. “Part 1 – Assignment Information” will display the instructions for completing this assignment and any attached assignment files.  Your assignment may have an attached file which must be downloaded to complete the assignment.
    • Important:  You must download the assignment file and save it to your computer before you can complete the assignment.
  5. After the file has been downloaded to your computer you will probably need to log out of Blackboard to work on the assignment.  Closing Blackboard and exiting your Internet browser is the best way to make sure that the assignment file you are working on is saved to your computer and not a temporary file.
  6. Open your word processing program.  Open the assignment file.  Click on “File” and then “Open”.  Browse to the location where you saved the assignment. Click on “Open”.
  7. This assignment in this example requires the file to be saved in Rich Text Format with a specific file name.  It is a good idea to do this first so you do not forget later.  Check your syllabus to see if your instructor requires documents to be saved in a specific format with a specific file name.
    • To save a document in Rich Text Format, click on “File, Save As”.  The “Save As” dialog box will open.  In “File name” type the file name according to your instructor’s requirements.  (Do not type the .rtf file extension.  The computer will add that for you.)  In the “Save as type” drop down menu, select “Rich Text Format”.  Click on “Save”.
  8. Complete your assignment.  Click on “File, Save” to save the assignment file.  Close your word processor.
    • It is very important that you close the document and your word processor before you turn the assignment in to Blackboard.  You cannot attach an open file.  The instructor will receive an empty document or a corrupted document.
  9. Log in to Blackboard, enter your “classroom” and locate the assignment again.  Click on the name of the assignment to open the Assignment Manager.
  10. “Part 2 – Assignment Materials” is the portion of the Assignment window in which you actually turn in the assignment.  Blackboard requires that something be typed in the “Comments” area.  Check your syllabus to see if your instructor requires that something specific be typed in “Comments”.
  11. Click on “Browse My Computer” next to “Attach File”.  The “File Upload” dialog box will open.  Locate your document and click on “Open”.  The assignment file will be added to your assignment.  If you need to attach another assignment file, click on “Browse My Computer” once again.
  12. “Part 3 – Submit” is the final step in turning in an assignment using the Assignment Manager.  If you have completed your assignment and are ready to turn it in, click on “Submit”.  An assignment can only be “submitted” once.  Do not click on “Submit” until you are ready.
    • If you need to save the assignment and come back to it at a later time, click on “Save as Draft”.
    • If you leave the assignment screen without clicking on either “Save as Draft” or “Submit” you will have to re-attach any files you had attached to the assignment.
  13. If you make any changes to an assignment, either “Save” or “Submit”, you will receive a receipt letting you know that the changes were made successfully.  Click on “OK” or close this window.
  14. It is always a good idea to check the gradebook to make sure that you actually turned in the assignment file that you think you turned in.  Open the gradebook in your class.  It might be located on the course menu in the “My Grades” button or it might be located in the “Tools” button.
    • In the gradebook, a saved assignment appears as a padlock.
    • An assignment which has been submitted and is waiting to be graded appears as a green exclamation point.  Double-click on the ! to view the assignment you have turned in.
    • If you discover that you have attached the wrong assignment file contact your instructor immediately.

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