Online Class General Information

Important Information for Online Learners

Communicating with your Instructor:

One of the most important factors in being successful in online learning is staying in touch with your Instructor. If you are having problems or do not understand the requirements of an assignments, you need to let your Instructor know immediately. If you will not be able to submit an assignment on time, let your Instructor know. When emailing your Instructor, always include your name and the class you are taking!! Your Instructor my have over a hundred students and so it is necessary that you provide this information in every email.

The Online Learning Pages:

You can avoid many problems by thoroughly reading the Online Learning pages. There are frequently asked questions, tutorials, and information on systems requirements. You can access Blackboard AND your CAC email account from the Online Learning page.

Computer Difficulties:

If you have computer difficulties and are not able to submit the assignment, some instructors allow you to mail or fax the assignment.  Check your Syllabus for your instructor's guidelines.   However, it must be typed. Handwritten assignments will not be accepted. Contact your Instructor by phone if you are having difficulties and will be submitting your assignment other than through the course site.

The college also, at times, has computer difficulties. Don't panic! Usually you can just try again at a later time and the problem will be resolved. Email or call your Instructor if you are concerned that you are not able to get into Blackboard for an unreasonable amount of time.

Quizzes and Exams:

Some instructors require various assessments be completed within Blackboard. You will be given immediate feedback on quizzes and/or exams, to help you focus your study and gauge your comprehension of the content.


Different Instructors may have different requirements for how to submit assignments. Find out from your Instructor how you are expected to submit assignments, whether through an email attachment, the digital drop box, or, using the Assignmnet Manager, directly into the Blackboard gradebook.

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