Disabling Call Waiting in Your Internet Connection

One reason that a dial-up Internet connect might disconnect is that call waiting has not been disabled on the phone line connected to the modem you are using.  Follow the steps below to disable call waiting while you are online.

Step 1:  Click "Start, Control Panel".  The Control Panel will open in either Classic or Category view. If Classic View opens (the view at right), click "Phone and Modem Options" and skip to Step 4.

 Disabling Call Waiting Control Panel Classic View

Step 2:  If Category View opens (the view at right), click "Printers and Other Hardware".

 Disabling Call Waiting Control Panel Category View

Step 3:  Click "Phone and Modem Options".

 Disabling Call Waiting Phone and Modem Options

Step 4:  In the "Phone and Modem Options" window, click the "Dialing Rules" tab.
If you have more than one location in the "Locations" window select the location you are using.

Click "Edit".  The "Edit Location" window will open.

 Disabling Call Waiting Dialing Rules

Step 5:  Make sure there is a check mark in the "To disable call waiting," box.  Select the correct disable call waiting code from the dropdown menu to the right.  *70 is the correct code for most telephones.  You might need to contact you telephone company for assistance.

Click "OK" to close this window.

 Disabling Call Waiting Location Settings

 Call waiting has now been disabled on your dial-up connection.

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