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Dial-Up Internet Connection Issues

Listed below are common problems related to dial-up Internet connections.  This is not a complete list of problems and is absolutely not a complete list of solutions.  There are no perfect solutions to Internet connection problems:

  • Sometimes dial-up connections disconnect for no reason.
  • Your Internet Service Provider could be having problems.
  • The power could go out and your computer could shut off.
  • It seems the longer you are connected (two hours or more) the more likely you are to experience an Internet connection problem.

If you are having a problem connecting to Blackboard and staying connected, check the list below.  Hopefully one of the suggestions will help to resolve your problem. 

If none of the suggestions make a difference, check your phone.  Is there a lot of static?  Is there noise on the line?  Static and line noise will frequently cause an Internet connection to fail. If noise and static are a constant problem you might need to call your telephone company and request repair service.

The Internet connection always disconnects after the same amount of time

The Internet connection disconnects for "no reason".

When working on long assessments or exams, the Internet connection disconnects and work is lost.


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