Mozilla Firefox Browser Settings

Mozilla Firefox Browser Settings

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The list below (which you may want to print) will help you check your Mozilla Firefox browser settings. Access the browser settings by clicking on the orange rectangle labeled Firefox in the upper left of the browser window. Select Options, then Options    

OR  Select Tools, then Options

These settings are a combined listing from several computers on which Blackboard works correctly.  These settings are suggestions which you might want to try if you are experiencing problems.


  • Block Pop-up Windows (check the box to the left and press the "Exceptions" button.

    List the following in the "Allowed Sites" box:

For all online classes:

Load Images Automatically (check the box to the left)

  • Enable JavaScript  (check the box to the left)


  • Tracking - variations should not matter

  • History - select Use custom settings for history.
    Check the following boxes:

  • Accept cookies from sites,
  • Accept third-party cookies,
  • Clear history when Firefox closes
  • Location Bar - variations should not matter 

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