Getting Started in Online Learning

Using MSN Explorer or America Online

The browsers which load automatically when using MSN or America Online (AOL) are not compatible with Blackboard.

Problems experienced by students can be as simple as the Blackboard window freezing for a few moments or as serious as test and Discussion Board postings not submitting correctly.

You do not need to "get rid" of MSN or AOL.  However, you will need to use a work around to prevent problems from occurring.  The solution is to use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox as your browser software.  Try the following:

  • Connect to America Online or MSN
  • Minimize the America Online Browser or MSN Explorer.
    • Do not disconnect from America Online or MSN
    • In the upper right-hand corner of the window are three small icons.  The _ icon is minimize.
  • Open Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox
  • Login to Blackboard using this other Browser.

Important:  America Online does not recognize internet activity outside of its own browser window as activity.  After 40 minutes of "no activity" AOL will log you out and disconnect your internet session.  About every 30 minutes you will need to open the America Online Browser window and click on a link.  By doing this, you prevent AOL from disconnecting and possibily losing your work in Blackboard.

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